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OvOy Anime Live Wallpaper
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Don't miss out on the full potential of your interactive mobile experience!

OvOy Anime Live Wallpaper brings fun, animated characters to your mobile desktop. Add flair to your plain background and life to your mobile interactivity! Choose your favorite game/anime character and let them make their home on your mobile desktop as an interactive friend today!

☆ Download anime and game characters free of charge (with new characters constantly being released).
☆ Integrated design allows user to enjoy the new mobile experience without changing or disrupting existing user behaviors.
☆ Instant updates from artists and creators.
☆ Combines the newest gaming engines "Live2D" and "Spine", ensuring a smooth experience coupled with energy efficiency.

【We welcome artists and game developers to join our platform】
"OvOy Live Wallpaper" aims to become the premier platform for cultivating anime and game characters. We welcome artists and game developers to join our family. Please visit our web site: http://ovoy.mobi, or contact us via email: [email protected]

【System Recommendation】
For best results, we currently only support systems running Android 4.4 or newer. We are also aware of performance issues in older or low-end Android models, and recommend a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage before installing "OvOy Live Wallpaper".

Need to access extra permission for alarm clock:

OvOy Anime Live Wallpaper APK reviews

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戴宜錦 review 戴宜錦
KingK Miska review KingK Miska
Aye, really love this app but its just having that "1" problem and that is you can't understand what they say. I love apps like these but they always end up not being English. As soon we get to understand our lovely cuties on screen, ill rate it 5 stars but for now, its just good.
A Google user review A Google user
This is SO CUTE I love it sure I just installed it but I am loving it this app is perfect for me I can't even begin with how cool it is especially the alarm clock. Keep up the good work.
Time Patroller review Time Patroller
Probably the only real live wallpaper I've found, it's def 5/5 I hope they add more characters soon!
Dean Allred review Dean Allred
I love this app. My avatar is so cute. It took a bit to figure out how to put a background but I got it. I just wanna make a suggestion. It would be really cool to interact with my character. Like with tapping him and stuff.
Devour the Swords review Devour the Swords
I like this app it's enjoyable i don't mind having in app purchases to support them i kinda wish there were some english translations, but overall is an enjoyable app.
Noob Streamer 47 review Noob Streamer 47
Good luck to all your team, i love it!! I am waiting for US and JAPAN authorization update~ ^^ keep the original voice and give subtitles~
Godpai review Godpai
It's great i wish it was in english tho Or with subtitled words
Bayu Bramantya review Bayu Bramantya
The art looks nice but only runs in LOW RESOLUTION. It looks blurry in 1080p android.
Holden Cross review Holden Cross
How do you get a coupon ID?? Btw this is a great app I like it!!
Matthew McHone review Matthew McHone
Love the live2D animations, right now there's not a ton of variety in terms of "characters" to select from but I hope that additional characters and updates roll out because I'm a huge fan of this style.
Chun-Ting Chen review Chun-Ting Chen
Count D'Cinamon review Count D'Cinamon
This is a great app. The only down side is that the voice actor only speak Chinese. Please add japanese voice over !
yusuf talos review yusuf talos
Awesome! This app has it all. But it would be nice if the character have voice though.
kayto chill review kayto chill
Can you please add levi or bakugou