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P3 Mobile for Android(tm)
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P3 Mobile – VRS on the go, always on, for everyone!

P3 Mobile is the on-the-go VRS (Video Relay Service) app that makes it easy for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to make and receive VP calls anywhere using a Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection.

P3 Mobile still has all the great features users have come to expect including built-in PurpleMail™, one- and two-line VCO, call history, “smart search” and an easy-to-use interface. It’s the best way to keep in touch with everyone and anyone, anytime and anywhere, and now P3 Mobile has even more!

This P3 Mobile update features Push Notifications to alert you of incoming calls even if your Android device is asleep or locked—not after the fact but at the moment a call is incoming. And if you do leave your phone unattended and miss a call, Push Notifications again actively informs you of any calls you missed or messages that you have waiting in your PurpleMail™ mailbox.

Download/upgrade P3 Mobile today and tell us what you think.

Note: Due to a bug in version 6.0 of the Android OS, we recommend that you answer Yes to the “Ignore battery optimizations?” alert when first launching P3 Mobile.

P3 Mobile for Android(tm) APK reviews

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Scott Bobb review Scott Bobb
Please add support for webcam on chromebooks. they finally have android apps for chromebooks. the glitch prevent me from toggle on webcam and it stuck with privacy mode.
Kristy Hunter review Kristy Hunter
Everyone I make call my video is block but it show not block on setting
Tony Black review Tony Black
Pre good
Ryan T review Ryan T
Nothing special
It does what it is supposed to do, although I cannot say for notifications since I turned it off. Biggest negative about this app is it will constantly ask you to allow the app run in background, which is something I don't want. No means no.
Jamie Coulter review Jamie Coulter
Never notify me.
Whenever I'm not using my phone. Of course it's still alive. Unfortunately, I missed calls cause it didn't flash light and vibrate or anything. Not even a warning that I missed a call til I received a email indicating that I got a missed call or Purple mail. Dang! Interpreters are amazing when they left PM or during active video phone call.
Sandi Franklin review Sandi Franklin
I have a Samsung Galaxy S tablet and the app will NOT WORK at all!!!!! I am beyond upset and disappointed that I have a top of the line 10in. Tablet and the Purple app is worthless. It seems to work fine on anything else but my Samsung Galaxy S now. It had worked before perfectly. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!
Jose Laza review Jose Laza
P3 Suck
I am not happy on p3 because no show ring flash i look check on p3 many list call miss lots damn. I will be back to Sorenson ntouch . Remove appt
Tiffany Burnett review Tiffany Burnett
Not so good
Need upgrades this app because I keep missed the calls without ringing and straight to purplemail. Need a ring of sound to alert me too.
Melinda Harris review Melinda Harris
No Flash Lights !!!!
Why???? Its supposed to be flash lights always on but there is no flash light on my phone and my few friends trying called me on my purple 3 , What is lousy no good no flash light ..I am not very happy about this purple 3 ..Please fix it right ..Thank You !
Felecia Hollis review Felecia Hollis
Long time Customer
Doesn't ring or flash like it used to. No warning of incoming calls.
Don't work on my phone :(
Cizzy Boga review Cizzy Boga
Half of the time, I was able to make a call; other times I had to reinstall or turn off my phone or some weird stuff i could think of to get it to work. Not good, especially in case of emergency...
Alvin Lim review Alvin Lim
Please my vp.
A Google User review A Google User
From 2015 - 2017 it has gotten worse. Right now, it's so bad that it makes Sorenson want to laugh. Sometimes it's blurry, disconnects and other issues. I feel exhausted dealing with Purple VP app on phone and the Smart VP. The smart VP is worse than this app. No major improvement since.
Tammy Woods review Tammy Woods
Purple 3 mobile is not working on internet or wifi. I hate play store app mess up not connect