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Packet capture/Network traffic sniffer app with SSL decryption.
Not that feature rich yet, but it's a powerful debugging tool especially when developing an app.

- Capture network packets and record them.
- SSL decryption using man-in-the-middle technique.
- No root required.
- Easy to use.
- Show packet in either hex or text.

You don't need to setup a dedicated proxy server on your PC. All you need is just your Android device.

** How to get rid of PIN number **

If you want to get rid of entering PIN number on a lock screen after Packet Capture is uninstalled, it is needed to clear credential storage.
Go to OS Setting->Security->Clear credentials

Packet Capture APK reviews

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Dennis Kennedy review Dennis Kennedy
Another black hat caper
Anyone, who can catch one (packet), can take control and turn it into a new " hacking time bomb.," remote control it.
Brendan Miller review Brendan Miller
So easy
Pulling radio streams with this is so easy. Love it!
Muhammad Irsyad review Muhammad Irsyad
Thanks for the update :D now worked on Android marshmallow
Johannes Ziemke review Johannes Ziemke
It works but very limited, no pcap save and no batch exporter of all collected streams.
Derek Garcia review Derek Garcia
Snake16161616 review Snake16161616
I'd be willing to bet this app is stealing all of your data.
The way they ask for you to install a certificate alongside connecting you to their VPN seems very much like they are trying to do something less genuine than most people would think. Yes, the app works, but anyone who randomly connects to some VPN they don't know or installs a random certificate doesn't deserve to use this app. Stick to something you know is genuine like cSploit or zAnti for ARP or ICMP capture, and something like wireshark for android for this kind of thing.
Greg Bowering review Greg Bowering
Note that on new phone the Install CA certificate Activity was no longer automatically launched on first run. I think the intro walkthrough was missing too. Had to install the CA cert via settings menu for SSL capture to work.
Vizay Soni review Vizay Soni
This app works just fine. But I am facing problem while getting the data from HTTPS domain. I have SSL certificate installed and I am still seeing "no data" for most of the request. Whats the workaround?
Rahlin Rawlines review Rahlin Rawlines
This app used to work quite well, it captured alot of packets. Then all of a sudden it hasn't been getting any. It's as if somehow there has been some patch put in that now makes the effectiveness of this app to capture ssl packets obsolete. BECAUSE it still grabs the different apps looking to send and receive packets, but has grabbed ZERO packets, where as it used to capture continuously. Maybe the developers can explain why app is no longer effective. Causing me to take away my 5 star rating to a 3. If they can't fix this, I'll be forced to give them one, and recommend anyone else who is experiencing similar results do the same.
Dan Williammee review Dan Williammee
Captures Packets. That's about all it does well. Doesn't give any information on what devices the traffic is going to/from, just the associated outside address. What if I want to know where data is moving INSIDE my network? Super unintuitive, setup is left entirely up to the user to already know how the app works without using it before. How am I to know what these green triangles are for, and which does what?
Jesse King review Jesse King
Works perfectly. Much easier than trying to set up some mitm to on the network. But you probably dont want to install this onto your main device
Ian Wallis review Ian Wallis
It's good. There is an app filter now. I would like to be able to download a whole recording session instead of individual packets. Where is the data saved?
Jonathan Chen review Jonathan Chen
Does what it says, but some apps report no network connection with this running. Also, requests to Google's ad network show up in captures, so I'm guessing these are from the ads shown by this app itself.
Alan Huang review Alan Huang
I appreciate that individual packets can be saved as pcap files, but would like the ability to save all packets from a session to one pcap file as well.
Kurt Finguerra review Kurt Finguerra
It's a unique opportunity be for sure. I can think of no other app that does what this does, and with all the right security features. Good people are behind this app, the development team. Thank you for your work.