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Let’s get things moving. Earnings guaranteed and joining is easy.

PAKARGO.PH is a Philippines-based Logistics Service Marketplace. It is owned and operated by Roadwise Logistics, Corp. - one of the largest trucking companies in the Philippines.

PAKARGO.PH is a digital platform designed to revolutionize the logistics service in the Philippines by efficiently matching freight capacity with shipping demand, providing transport rates in no time and coordinating all associated activities in a seamless manner.

By making a wide range of delivery vehicles more accessible to individuals and businesses — whenever, wherever—Pakargo enables market players to propel their business’ transport needs from “manual, expensive and rigid” to “automated, efficient and agile.”

No Vehicle? No problem. Sign up now & be approved. We have over a hundred owned units available.

Wide company affiliates ensuring lots of bookings every day.

Fast & secured transactions through this user-friendly mobile app for Drivers.

Click “Sign up” upon opening the App to start our partnership and follow the instructions that will be given.