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Enjoy playing free bubble shooters?

Get ready to pop bubbles and beat level after level in Panda Pop - a fun bubble pop game that will challenge you at every turn.

Match 3 to pop bubbles of the same color and rescue the baby pandas in this addictive bubble shooter saga! The poor baby pandas are relying on you to rescue them ?. Can you complete the challenging levels before you run out of bubbles?

Blast through each challenging puzzle to rescue cute toon pandas! Start shooting bubbles, complete every level and play Panda Pop online with your friends! You will spend hours of fun matching lines of the same color and solving our amazing, free bubble shooter puzzles!

Challenge yourself to beat your score and stay sharp with this free Panda Pop bubble shooting quest. In this animal bubble shooter saga you will have to aim, match, swap and combine line colors. Connect bubbles as you move from one level to the next in this panda bubble blast challenge, with varying levels of difficulty!

Pop and blast bubbles, match, connect, swap and crush lines in this colorful panda match 3 bubble shooter! Combine boosters for even greater effect in this skill driven bubble popping game and remember: In this classic bubble shooting challenge you will need to think fast!

PANDA POP: A free bubble shooter game by Jam City

? Bubble Shoot Match 3 Puzzle Pop Game: Blast bubbles through 3000+ levels of fun challenges
? Rescue Baby Pandas: The pandas need help! Blast bubble shooter puzzles to save our pets!
? Fun Events: Check back often for fun events and free rewards
? Daily Challenges: Stay sharp and progress through levels daily
? Combos & Power Ups: Blast bubble shooter skill shots to maximize combos
? Bubble Popper: Match and connect colorful bubbles in this puzzle shooting game
? Collect Cute Pets: Rescue toon pandas in our magic bubble shooter mania

Crush, blast and burst puzzle pieces in this free bubble shooter saga! Improve your skills with a free match 3 bubble shooter game and rescue the pandas in danger! Ready to master our panda bubble shooter?

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SUPPORT: https://jamcity.helpshift.com/a/panda-pop/

Please Note! While Panda Pop is free to play and enjoy, some in-game items and functions can be purchased for real money. If you don't want this option enabled, please disable in-app purchases.


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Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop! APK reviews

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Michele Doin review Michele Doin
I don't not like being able to win more coins or the different color bubbles. And what's wrong with the graphics these last couple of days? PLEASE FIX IT!
Paula Ortega review Paula Ortega
It doesn't make sense to press play twice to get to playing level. Also the monkey or baboon gets REALLY annoying every level.Its just more loading time. I love playing this game but you asked.?
Joanne Brook review Joanne Brook
This game does not save my progress. I reached level 4 as I had just downloaded the game, then when I went back to the game I was right back at the beginning. This game is much better than Bubble Witch as it involves Pandas. Please please please fix the issue.
Robert Peckham review Robert Peckham
Always takes too long to get to the game due to too many pop ups and now with the October Halloween update, it crashes when it gets to the game. Unable to play anymore. Would be 4 star from me if it get fixed.
Makes a loud notification tone in game and out, requiring a hard shut down of my phone to solve. Don't waste your time on it
chantel franklin review chantel franklin
On 1278 and did love this app but lately the bugs are turning me off. When this game gave me trouble before Jam City took over I never had a problem with tech support actually supporting me! Now I can't even get a reply. I've lost coins and gifts, but Jam City DON'T care!!!! Shame
A.N. Johnson review A.N. Johnson
Bug issue after last 2 updates??
Since I updated the game the past 2 times, I am having a major issue with the level that I am on. I'm currently on level 281, and can not use my DRAGON BALL BOOSTER, bc the game is saying that there are DEATH SHIELDS on the level and there are NO DEATH SHIELDS on this level. There are the metal spiked balls and the clear bubbles. I was hoping after I updated the game it would fix this DEATH SHIELD ISSUE/BUG, but unfortunately it still hasn't been fixed? PLEASE FIX ASAP, this is my fav game.
KDW review KDW
I've been playing this game for a while now. But for the last few days every time I reach the end of a level my screen starts to flash. And I have to exit out the game. I've contacted my phone carrier and the issues isn't with my device.
Panda Pop
Save differing numbers of baby pandas held captive in bubbles by throwing different colored bubbles that match the color bubble holding a baby panda. Adictive and challenging to free all babies with the fewest throws while advancing the degree of difficulty in playing levels. Just 5 tries, or lives to see how many levels you can advance before you loose all of your tries.
Maryann Davila review Maryann Davila
I love this game but I hate that it keeps crashing while you play and wastes a life
gaynell osborn review gaynell osborn
Panda pop
The only way to win is to buy balls or spend money. But I still love playing.
Froze on me and had to redownload ?
Penelope Marshall review Penelope Marshall
Won't let me play
I was playing this game for months next thing I know it got deleted now I can't reinstall it can you please fix the bug
Margyanie Joseph review Margyanie Joseph
It is like the best game ever like totally all you people that says ya hate it is a great game and fun and that you have alot of levels
Shawn Seguin review Shawn Seguin
Its a good game levels are filled with difficulty and minor difficulty it keeps me busy when i need a distraction. Its hard to get extra coins to purchases boosters but other then that its great.since last update this game used to be amazing and now with these map guides and login issues its just ridiculous! !!! Thanks

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