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For millions of PANDA JUMP fans around the world - we just can’t thank you enough for your amazing continued support!
From the creators of NINJA REVENGE, ZOMBIE AGE and PANDA JUMP!

Yeah! The CUTE PANDA is back with even more AWESOMENESS!
* RUN as far as you can!
* DODGE the oncoming obstacles & enemies
* RIDE on the angry boar
* FLY with the flappy bird

- Fast pace and simple control
- Unique cartoon style graphic
- Power-ups, utilities and so much mores
- Tons of missions
- Dozens of panda costumes
- Global & friend leaderboards
- Excellent multiplier scoring system
- Both HD/SD are supported

WARNING: Your reflexes & agility will be extremely tested!


FC on low devices such as: Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Pocket. We support SD graphic now but if the problem still persists, please try following solutions:
- Shut down others running applications
- Reboot the phone.
- Switch off sound/music in the game
If none of above solutions works, then we are sorry but your phone just does not have enough memory/ram to play this game

Panda Run APK reviews

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Akuma 007E review Akuma 007E
The idea of swiping down for coming down of upper platforms itself is stupid. to swipe you need to touch the screen first. and it's not an android's fault to mistake that touch for a jump command (since touching is used for jumping in this game). you should have thought of it before players experienced this ordeal. the reason you are getting this 1 star review is solely for that reason.
Khandaker shahi review Khandaker shahi
Forward fast runnot working properly. When I touch the screen it jum off but don't allow me to drag for fast run.
Casey Severson review Casey Severson
It's kinda like temple run but more exciting obstacles it's pretty easy and fun?
Ashley Cornelio review Ashley Cornelio
It's fun. But, For some reason it's difficult to swipe down to get the character to drop . Also it gets a bit repetitive.
Eustasha Theophile review Eustasha Theophile
The controls for good so what's the graphics and the game itself in total was alright but I hated the fact in mid game it freezes sometimes.
Pallav Sinha review Pallav Sinha
Really like the work you have done here, specially the artwork and the animation. And the simplicity of it all.
Caleb Hock review Caleb Hock
Functions don't work as they should. Never been able to use the rage button. Jumps when I'm trying to roll. Only reason I play is because it doesn't require internet connectivity. This game is a lame duck.
Janet Jesudass review Janet Jesudass
Excellent. I'm lovin it! I love the lil crazy panda.
Ahmad Output review Ahmad Output
Very bornig to play the same level every time You need to make more places Plus the coins should worth much more
T Thomas review T Thomas
I like it it just the part when u collect coins to full up the meter to go full panda it goes down when u college ft
Arslan Shadab review Arslan Shadab
Awesome game but payment issue. I purchased coins and transfer deducted but didn't receive coins.
Barbara Laws review Barbara Laws
The game freezes or hesitates at times.
Dragon's Breath review Dragon's Breath
My tablet is really sensitive because when I touched the screen, it swiped down and the poor panda crashed into the Donkey Kong look-alike gorilla character
Dushyant Parmar review Dushyant Parmar
Ending game with just one mistake is not acceptable and the controls are not OK otherwise it's got huge potential
Abhishek Sinha review Abhishek Sinha
it's very good game but I'll give 5 stars if the ad between playing is being stopped...