Paper Toss APK reviews

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Mariama Jammeh review Mariama Jammeh
Little sisters/brothers
I have to download this for my little sister she do to much some time so she is with my mom in the living I change sponge Bob to sixteen wishes and now it is not fun with out her so I am going to the living room in five min o no my little sister is her
Prakhar Srivastava review Prakhar Srivastava
One of my favorite game
I have downloaded it early also . So il like this game
Srikrishna Murali review Srikrishna Murali
Nice app for timepass
Good keep it up nice innovative game
Phillip Fought review Phillip Fought
Was better before
Without object options other than paper wad it gets boring fast. Loved the old boss mode, employee movement and other fun.
mareschael review mareschael
Slick move...
...putting the ad so you might hit it and download some unwanted app was a great move! The bottom of the page cuts off the toss by placing it there! Now to uninstall......
Anuj Kaushik review Anuj Kaushik
A level not working.
I love this game but Restroom is not working on my device after update....
Wille Willis review Wille Willis
I love it!
It's great for standing in line. Its a great time killing game! ?
Scott Turner review Scott Turner
Doesnt tell you how to play the game in order to change the angle of the shot. You put in the instruction manual
Andrew Peterson review Andrew Peterson
Respectful skepticism
Good so far. But got an ad right when I accepted to rate. Not cool.
Panu Simolin review Panu Simolin
Simple but fun
Very fun and simple game. Definitely worth of a try
Favour Imarhiagbe review Favour Imarhiagbe
I could not even score a goal and it keeps Freezing its the worst game I have ever played
Syed Ahsan review Syed Ahsan
You should really add interactive objects like buttons and stuff to make the game more interesting. I personally think that with interactive objects more people will play the game
Alvinza Mukhlis review Alvinza Mukhlis
Simple Perfect
Simple but is the one of the best and cool game
Joshua Jones review Joshua Jones
why do we have to pay to remove adds can't we just have a good game like this one to have no ads!
Priscilla Smith review Priscilla Smith
It's so addicting
Doesn't lag and is very simple with minimal ads but still challenging