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Passion Puzzle
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Passion Puzzle - a fascinating brightly-designed three-in-row game ! Become a tourist, new to a country he's in, and find your love !

Whom will you end up picking ?
Yieldable Mary, strict Ivy, tameless Ioly, kinky Mika, sophisticated Shantal or kinda naive but still gorgeous Emilia ?

Solve puzzles, find your way to one's heart with Passion Puzzle !

The game offers lots of awesome girls and a complicated intriguing storyline filled with masterpiece dialogues !

Passion Puzzle APK reviews

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Alexander Harmon review Alexander Harmon
Played a bit but takes forever to load me in
charles mcilmoyle review charles mcilmoyle
To many bugs
A Google user review A Google user
Has so bugs that need to be fix. But good for what it is.
Gamaliel Marquez review Gamaliel Marquez
Game is okay, nice pictures, better than Puzxle of Love. Only problem is that to unlock more pictures you need the gallery, but it doesn't appear what can i do?
Bruce Adams review Bruce Adams
It's pretty great so and it only have just been releases can't wait and see what you got 4 us in the long run hope get more girls and see what you can do with the gallery and should get us us ways 2 earn more money and what do we need diamonds though but all and all great game so far thank you way batter than puzzles of love is so 4
Steven Universe review Steven Universe
Not bad but the ere is no way to expand the gallery that fills up when there is still free space on the screen
Jailyn Johnson review Jailyn Johnson
Its okay would be better if it wasnt so buggy like when they tell me to expand my gallery but wont let me