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Peekaboo Moments – Babybook, memories & moments
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Peekaboo Moments helps parents create shared moments & memories with family and friends. With Peekaboo Moments, you can record baby’s every precious moment of your babies and memories will last permanently.

We completely understand how these moments important to you. Data privacy and security come as our priority. Every Baby’s photos, audios & videos or diaries will be stored in secured space. Only families & friends can have access to baby’s moments at your control.

Take photos, videos for your little ones! Starting from pregnancy, newborn to every first ‘papa’ & ‘mama’, these memories will be auto-organized by age of child. Family then spend more time on enjoying the precious moments instead of managing them!

Peekaboo Moments provides growth comparison of your baby with WHO standard. Peekaboo Moments helps parents record the weight & length of your kids, you will have an intuitive view of whether your kids are all growing well.

Record baby’s world, remark his or her first steps, first smile & first Peekaboo Moments day. You can easily TAG ‘#first’ moments & remember them forever. Just one tap, you flash back to the same say and see how your little ones looked.

With our Premium Plan service, your family will upgrade to unlimited storage. You can also recover lost data within 60 days and restore them in timeline. Members can customize tag icons, enjoy more theme options in Peekaboo.
Upgrade a quarter for $ 8.99
Upgrade a year for $ 29.99

Desktop version:
Peekaboo Moments team spends time on understanding what nowadays parents and families need and want, we believe this little smart app will make parenting easier. More features will come soon…

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Peekaboo Moments – Babybook, memories & moments APK reviews

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Kim Stephens review Kim Stephens
Now you have to pay to get all the good stuff that once was included. Very disappointed
Ong Ay Lee review Ong Ay Lee
Lia Manlunas review Lia Manlunas
I love it.. Sayang lang hindi ko agad ito nalaman.. Complete pa nmn ni baby ung picture niya everyday
Darya Ansari review Darya Ansari
So good
Rima Land review Rima Land
Crystal Pittman review Crystal Pittman
It could have had five stars but if you put too much on there and you go over the limit, you have to pay for it which I did not know. I paid for it since I need a backup in case his photos get lost elsewhere.
Kyla Giacomi review Kyla Giacomi
So happy I found this
Horrible with my memory baby books and thought wow an app would be awesome. And found this, everything I could want and more. Love the privacy and that family can add own pictures. The unlimited backup of photos is so great.
Wong Annie review Wong Annie
一開個app,咩都未load到就自動關掉,最近時常發生,而且不停重複,根本開唔到!!我兩個小寶也是vip,但現在join左都冇用! 根本用唔到!!!
prernaa asolia review prernaa asolia
Nt happy
It was good untill 4 months of uploading... Bt suddenly the storage was full at the back end. And no data backup was happening. U had thought to keep this for a lifetime Bt of no use.
Clairice Somerset review Clairice Somerset
HATE the change to VIP
I used to love this app as I could share videos of bub with family overseas. I have nearly reached the 2gb cap for videos and can not afford to pay the annual fee :( Preferred the older version where you got an allowance for video each month and bonuses for the more fans you had. Now family are going to miss out. I will be keeping an eye out for an alternative, then Un - installing this app
A Staheli review A Staheli
Was good until they started charging, I didn't even realize it. I can't save my videos anymore and seems like all of my old photos aren't original resolution now either. Very disappointed. Time for a new solution.
Russell Ambeault review Russell Ambeault
Too many critical bugs. If you upload over mobile data remember that when an upload fails it will try again and again and again. A 200 MB upload will consume 1GB or more of your data plan.
Elanor McCaffery review Elanor McCaffery
Unreasonable changes
Normally love this app, but they recently changed their charging system. Now, I don't mind paying for a useful service, but find the cost is too high when I have more than one kid. I don't mind a cost per family but not per child! Plus I've sent them 2 emails with questions about the VIP service, but have had no response. In the past they've usually been very fast to respond (I've been using this app for over 3 years).
Bonney Leung review Bonney Leung
video upload
Tried to upload video but successful!
mismerca review mismerca
Great app
Love that it keeps a timeline and tells you how old the child is at the time of a picture. I like the little widget shortcuts for each of my kids, as well as the sharing with family/fans aspect. Maybe suggest that you be able to select multiple photos to rotate, or be able to rotate them without having to go into the specific photo's options. It's time consuming otherwise if you have multiple upside down pics from different days.