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Perpule 1Pay is a Self Checkout app for express checkouts and easy payments in Perpule's partnered stores like Hypercity, More, Spar etc. Scan barcodes, create cart and pay online seamlessly in the app to skip queues.

Why use Perpule 1Pay?

* Eliminates hassles of standing in queues
* It decreases queuing time by at least 80%
* Get the offers and price related information at the scan of barcode
* Pay online using various online payment option including Credit Card, Net banking, Wallets etc.
* Use wish list to track the pricing of the items
* Various other features like product discovery, shopping lists etc
* Perpule 1Pay can be used in various supermarkets like HyperCity, More, Spar etc.

What’s in it for retailers?
* Perpule 1Pay reduces billing time and billing infrastructure cost by a great amount
* It also comes with a whole lot of other features integrated like product discovery, offers/price tracking, mobile wallets, delivery options, etc. which can enhance the experience of customers.
* Perpule 1Pay can help optimize the workforce in store
* Increases customer satisfaction, open avenues for a whole lot of analytics and make you go paperless for receipts

We believe shopping can be nothing less than recreation once seamlessly integrated with technology. Perpule 1Pay is the quickest way to shop from our partnered stores and it eliminates lots of hassles like queues, cash payments, etc. and comes with a whole lot of other features which improve the shopping experience and remind us all that shopping is fun!

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Perpule 1Pay APK reviews

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Harish Kumar Kakumanu review Harish Kumar Kakumanu
Great shop...helps me greatly reduce my shopping time
Pallavi Suneel review Pallavi Suneel
Best app... We save time by not standing in big billing lines..
anitha cr review anitha cr
Cash back.. Idea good to implement this very fast
lalit sanwal review lalit sanwal
The App needs lots of improvement. It's a pre-mature launch which they have done. Payments failing n you are in the queue again and they take 5-7 days to return the money!
Akbar Sha Ebrahim review Akbar Sha Ebrahim
This is just awesome man
yaswanth reddy review yaswanth reddy
Give more offers and more loyalty points
Vignesh M devan review Vignesh M devan
Worst app
Sandeep G R review Sandeep G R
D Mart Jayanagar not added Disappointing
Tanmoy Das review Tanmoy Das
Time saving app
preeti sharma review preeti sharma
Worst experience. I regret downloading and using this app.. Which made me wait for 1 hour at final counter in verifying all products twice as well issues like payment fail and money got debited from account. I would hv paid directly at counter rather than using this apl and end up spending more time. Still awating for the refund of ny failed transaction of 803.
ThiruMurugan R review ThiruMurugan R
Looks like yesterday when I tried to use, they had the stock problems and due to that there was a glitch a day it looks to be resolved... I am sure this is a time savings App.. Good initiatives... Need to have more wallet offers... Sending the same offers repeatedly.. Please avoid it
Prayag Tirtha review Prayag Tirtha
Very useful app
Neubert Peters review Neubert Peters
The app notification tone does not get disabled other than restarting phone or force stopping app. Correct it or will stop using app. Have the same issue with wife and my phone
Prasanna Jeet review Prasanna Jeet
Nice... Saves time
Surajit Baksi review Surajit Baksi