HASfit Home Workout Routines & Fitness Plans APK

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Join your new personal trainers, Coach Kozak and Claudia, through motivational full-length home workout routines and fitness plans. You sweat. They sweat.

• Named “Top 10 Fitness Channel” by YouTube for 4 years straight
• 99% approval rating on over 100 million completed workouts

Featured on Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Yahoo, AOL, Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, MSN, Product Hunt, Computer World, CNET, and more

100’s of Follow Along Workouts in High Definition Video
• Workout routines for all fitness levels (limited mobility, beginner, intermediate, advanced)
• Search to find your perfect workout from 3 – 60 minutes
• Modifications to help you customize the workout for your specific needs
• Save your favorite routines for easy access later
• Exercise with dumbbells or no equipment
• Cast your workouts to your TV using your Chromecast device

Discover new workouts added each week
• Fat Burning
• HIIT & Tabata
• Muscle Building
• Cardio
• Strength Training
• Low Impact
• Kickboxing and MMA
• Kettlebell
• Flexibility and Yoga

Get faster results by following one of our proven Complete Workout Plans and Programs
• Foundation (Beginner): Start your fitness journey with this completely free beginner workout program. The 30 day calendar updates each month with new workouts so you never get bored! Coach Kozak’s routines will get you in the best shape of your life using workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime.
• Motive (Intermediate-Advanced): The 30 day schedule updates with new workout routines every month so you never get bored! HASfit’s Motive mixes it up with HIIT, cardio, weight training, calisthenics, martial arts, power yoga, and more to help you avoid plateaus and achieve optimum results.
• Muscle Building: If you’re looking for an easy to follow home bodybuilding calendar, then here it is. Resistance training is the best way to gain strength and reshape your physique by building muscle and burning unwanted body fat at the same time.
• 30 Day Ab Challenge: Did you know it takes more than just crunches to achieve the coveted six-pack? This 30 day ab workout challenge is designed to blast each of your abdominal muscle groups to reveal flatter and more defined abs.
• And more!


“My results just one year later and I have gotten 138 pounds off! (so far! just a little more to go) Woo Hoo! Thank you both so much Coach Kozak and Miss Claudia for these amazing workout videos!

I was afraid I would not be around much longer and thankfully I decided to try to get healthy and save my life!,” Jennifer

“I started the HASfit workout programs of months ago and have to say this is as good as any classes and personal trainer sessions at the gym! Who says you need to go to the gym to build muscle? Its so great to be able to work out at home and be challenged, pushed and motivated by these workouts and exercise plans.

The variety of the workouts in in each plan is brilliant as means you don't get bored or plateau doing the same workout plans all the time. These are the best home workouts I have ever done. I recommend them to anyone, whatever your fitness level they seem to have all basis covered!,” Greg C.

“Hello, my husband and I were happily married for 1 year and 4 months, and as they say you gain "happy weight" from being 154lbs when I got married I went to 181lbs. My husband went from 180lbs to 216lbs. We weren't happy with our bodies and had no confidence.

We wanted a change and we needed it IMMEDIATELY! So what did we do? We found HASfit! Your workouts have been phenomenal! We are very happy and confident, we love our bodies and we feel great! I now weight 157, and my husband now weights 183. Thank you for providing these fitness plans for people who want a change, a new healthy lifestyle!” Yajairah and Alex

“Love these home workout routines! Been consistently working out with the HASfit personal trainers and have received some awesome results after having 2 kids!,” Robin M

HASfit Home Workout Routines & Fitness Plans APK reviews

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Great workouts. No frills. Fitness bargain.
This is NOT sexy outfits, Miami beach colors and club music. It IS great workouts with several 30 or 90 day programs that rotate workouts to keep it fresh. Workouts can range from 10-30 minutes non-stop depending on program you want. Sensible meal plans also detailed. Everything you need to get and stay fit at a great price.
Paul Hollibaugh review Paul Hollibaugh
Fantastic app
Couldn't be more happy with this app. Coach Kozak and the whole Hasfit team have made this amazing app which is perfect for us who are just foraying into the world of fitness for the first time
Dhanesh S review Dhanesh S
Its been a life changer
I love hasfit...i've commpleted the warrior and hero 90 routine n changed my diet as per the guide to losing fat...onto the muscle building routine now...its changed the way i look at fitness along with positive change in my body throughout...the best online workouts ever...keep up the gr8 work coach
Matt Smith review Matt Smith
Perfect for starting out at home!!
This app is just what I needed to give me great ideas and training methods to use at home!!! Excellent stuff and I feel great!
Kila Davis review Kila Davis
Helped me lose 30 pounds when i was a freshman in highschool now im comming back to finish what i started and finally acheive the 6 pack i dreamed of.
johnny castro review johnny castro
Great workous
I use this everyday, there are great workouts. I plan to use the meal plan but i'm not a great cook, so I'll see how that goes.
Kevin Lindley review Kevin Lindley
Great workout ideas! Just started using this and it is a great overall workout! Great for anyone and everyone!
Syed Fasihuddin review Syed Fasihuddin
Videos don't work
The videos in the app don't work.. Only audio is heard. Inspite of emailing the developers thrice.. No feedback on this issue. Forced to leave a negative feedback.
Briana Obenhuber review Briana Obenhuber
Would like app to work with chrome cast
I would like to be able to play the workouts on my chromcast directly from the hasfit app. I prefer streaming via chromcast because my device screen is small and when I stream the workout in the app, after a few minutes, my screen goes dark and I have to stop to turn my screen back on. Thus far I have been finding my workout in the app and then going separately onto YouTube, finding the correct workout there, and then casting my workout.
Ze Jin Lim review Ze Jin Lim
Love it
Non of the fitness website can keep me with them. This is the first Application I purchase via play store.
Kerri Hobbs review Kerri Hobbs
Hasfit app
I absolutely love this app, it has helped me change my lifestyle and lose a 3lb in 2 days
Pawan S review Pawan S
Not worth
Well it has few selling points, but I could find better points in a free app.. not worth paying for it
Vanessa Solko review Vanessa Solko
I use this website daily. It has helped me lose 30 lbs in the last 8 months. The app makes it easy to determine the calorie burn for each exercise based on your weight. Keep up the great work, Coach Kozak!
Geoff JRC review Geoff JRC
Thanks Coach!
When are you fixing the facebook share option when a workout is completed? Also, warm up and cool down videos should be linked to each day in the fitness programs. Even still, I'm loving this app!
Gregory Ayres review Gregory Ayres
Great app
Great app to go with great program... there are so many different workouts all with different to me requirements. There is no excuse for skipping a day AND it's only 2 bucks. Sold