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PhoneDeco _ wallpapers, theme
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If you are getting bored of the same look of smartphone, messengers, Facebook, Twitter and KakaoTalk (and more)?
We have tons of items to decorate your old looking interface of smartphone, icons and even the theme of apps!!

It is
- 20 Million Users’ Choice!!

- The World’s First and the BEST
smartphone customization app on the market since 2011.

- Get this daily updated app and install for unique smartphone experience!!

- It can’t get any better!!


Key Features

* Full package theme for united look
* Theme for Messengers
(KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, My people, Tic Talk, Twitter and Facebook and more)
* Status Bar of smartphone customization
* Widget customization
* Full HD Wallpapers
* Ringtone
* Reward Point System
* Playground for Killing Time
(Music Video, Funny Video Clip, Shopping and more)
* Free Stickers for Messengers and SMS
(Stickers for Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, WhatsApp, Twitter and SMS)
* Keep yourself busy in the special chatting room
(Discover your New Friends and share your theme!!)

It is packed with tons of amazing features!
Proven by 20 Million download!

** We work hard 24/7 for better/practical functions and user experience.
** We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!!

Thank you for your support
Have an authentic smartphoning!!!

Bug Report: [email protected]
Theme Editor:

PhoneDeco _ wallpapers, theme APK reviews

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Catanya Greasley review Catanya Greasley
Please fix the one for women I have been waiting so long I love your apps very kawaii thank you.
A Google user review A Google user
It's all written in Korean??? which I don't understand please fix it.
Alissa Pippin review Alissa Pippin
They could have told us it wasn't ENGLISH before we downloaded it!!
Gina Moonoo review Gina Moonoo
It would be ok if it was in English, but it all in Korean, please translate into English for a wider user experience
Mavi Ancheta review Mavi Ancheta
This is awesome. I love this app. Easy to use and lot of themes which is korean and more. Thank you.. 사랑해???
Antara review Antara
Will give one more star if only they update the wallpapers more frequently .
Idiotalno Pfff review Idiotalno Pfff
Where are themes for twitter? Cause there are none
Argente Shaina review Argente Shaina
There's no theme for facebook
Lisa MohaMad review Lisa MohaMad
I like
Joel Moon review Joel Moon
You guys just made it worse and it looks really cheap. I wouldn't recommend it to others. The older one was so much better.
Ana Ontiveros review Ana Ontiveros
It use to be a 5 star app but it no longer lets me download themes. It always says that the application has stopped
Darius Colds review Darius Colds
Every time i try to tap somethig it goes to the wrong thing it is so freaking stupid
sunny lee review sunny lee
아니 팝업창 뜨게 해놓고 닫기 표시도없고, 뒤로가기 눌러도 안돼고, 팝업창 눌렀다 닫으면 앱 렉먹어요. 팝업창을 띄워서 두들을 홍보하든 말든 원래있던 앱 관리부터 제대로 하셔야 할 것같네요
Grace Yoo review Grace Yoo
뭐 이건 실행을 하면 하고 안하면 안하는거지 쓸데없는 광고때문에 아무리 백버튼 눌러도 나가지지도않고 진짜 싫네요
رضا شاهسون review رضا شاهسون
توی گوشیه من کار نداد، هرلحظه لنگی میزنه.