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PhonePaycheck is a revolutionary Android app by Neocortix that pays you cash for letting us use your phone’s processor when you’re not using it. We only run when you are connected to WiFi and plugged into your charger, so we don’t use up your cellular data plan or run down your battery. We don’t have access to your personal information like photos, videos, or phone calls, and we don’t use your precise location. We don’t show ads or collect information about you for advertising purposes. We only use your processor for legitimate business purposes, like helping business owners test their websites. You can get the money on PayPal, or donate it to your favorite charity.

Just download the app, sign in with your Google account, connect to WiFi and plug in your charger, and start earning. You will see your Tentative Earnings In This Session growing. When you unplug your charger or disconnect from WiFi, your Tentative Earnings will be promoted to your Account Balance. If you leave your phone continuously earning, your Tentative Earnings will be promoted to your Account Balance after 24 hours and a new session will be automatically started. You can redeem or donate once you have an account balance of at least $10.00. You can make even more money with your old spare phones. Just download the app onto those old phones, sign in with the same Google account, connect to WiFi and plug in your chargers, and all of your phones will contribute to your account balance. It adds up fast with multiple phones plugged in around the clock!

This is the real deal. Neocortix is a legitimate Silicon Valley company that is creating a shared economy for Cloud Services, and sharing the wealth with real phone owners like you. Please download the app and give it a try. You will be surprised to see that you are making money without having to do anything. Check your balance each morning when you wake up, you are making money while you sleep!

Sorry, emulated devices and rooted devices are not permitted. Limit 5 devices per user, and only one user account per person. Earning rate depends on phone model. Devices must meet certain requirements. For more details, including Payment Schedule, Terms of Service, and Device Requirements, please visit

You can find out if your device meets the minimum requirements by installing PhonePaycheck on your device and checking the Device Properties page. If it does meet the requirements, your device will be automatically placed on our Waiting List. You can also find out from the Device Properties page which earnings category your device is in (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

PhonePaycheck is a popular app and we have more people registering to use our service than we can activate all at once. So, we are maintaining a Waiting List, and periodically we activate new users and devices when we have sufficient customer demand for more devices. If you install PhonePaycheck, you are automatically put on our Waiting List, and you will hold your place on our Waiting List for new users and devices. And when we do activate a new group of users and devices, we will send everyone on the Waiting List an email to let them know it is happening and what to do.

Neocortix, Inc.

PhonePaycheck APK reviews

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Jay The Plug 1 review Jay The Plug 1
Love this app been making money since August and I have another device but I'm waiting patiently to use more than one device for PhonePaycheck I made a total of 18.00 so far and I wish to make more with multiple devices
D Burlew review D Burlew
Wish I could earn on more than one device
tyrellhhn 2002 review tyrellhhn 2002
Won't let me activate.
Why do I have the message that my earnings has stopped because my device is not activated.How do i get activated?
Kerry Gretsinger review Kerry Gretsinger
I had this app a few weeks ago and had been using it for a long time. I had to switch my phone and now I cannot log back in to my account. I had close to $50 on it. I'm a little upset as to why, if I'm not a new user, I cannot get back in to my account.
Humberto Lopez review Humberto Lopez
This app is best you get paid for your work and fast instant paypal, this company has a really good future ahead of them, keep up the great work.
New update really made it one of my all time favorite apps, hope it is here to stay for awhile.
twactdaddy 420 review twactdaddy 420
Won't let me activate.
dakota smith review dakota smith
Paid out instantly
Danielle Remington review Danielle Remington
Still not taking new people. Don't like an app I cannot use so until I can use it, one star.
justin hatesu review justin hatesu
Until it takes new people it's getting one star. Also I've had this downloaded on my phone for 3 months now yeah I'm really getting tried waiting!
Islam Jihad review Islam Jihad
It's not working it says something went wrong. I hope you fix it fast
AngeloAsh Rap TheFlaggy review AngeloAsh Rap TheFlaggy
Just give me something went wrong and still not activated
Sharpsburg Woodworker review Sharpsburg Woodworker
Don't download. They have quit taking new people and you can not activate.
Kyle Gaw review Kyle Gaw
Been sitting on this app for a bit and nothing has come of it so far. Will wait a bit longer to see