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PhotoCard for Red Velvet
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PhotoCard presents you RED VELVET Heart-Fluttering Moments towards RED VELVET!

How many times do you think of RED VELVET every day?
Do you search for RED VELVET on Google to find photos, videos or news of RED VELVET every time you got to think of RED VELVET?

You don’t need to do it anymore!

PhotoCard will show you the Best photos of RED VELVET uploaded by RED VELVET fans!

**What is PhotoCard?**
PhotoCard is an App for RED VELVET fans of all around the globe.
By having PhotoCard App, you will never have to search for photos of RED VELVET and download them!
You will be meeting various moments of RED VELVET uploaded by fans!

You may not find the photo you’ve just fallen in love if you just skip it.
Don’t just let it go!
Save the precious moments of RED VELVET by downloading photos!

PHOTOCARD may allow the ‘member’ to upload the materials such as celebrity photo through ‘PhotoCard’ for a member to provide his/her service in ‘PhotoCard’.
Thus, all the ‘posts’ in the ‘services’ posted by ‘member’ will be attributed to the ‘member’ in its rights and responsibilities, and if there occurs the breach of laws, the infringement of the third party's rights and appeals etc as well as there is the request of the owner of such rights, ‘PHOTOCARD’ may immediately notify it to the ‘member’ and change the status of the concerned ‘post’ as the unexposed status and take actions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

For more information, please refer to Terms & policy.

PhotoCard Team Contact: +86 137-1808-4840

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MonTheEater review MonTheEater
Please Add K.A.R.D!
A Google user review A Google user
Love it
I really love this app...i can see HD photos..????
Anis Fazlin review Anis Fazlin
Love it
Red Slay Velvet review Red Slay Velvet
I love their beautiful picture
Alyssa Hon review Alyssa Hon
I love this app!
SNSD is a QUEEN Forever No Matter What review SNSD is a QUEEN Forever No Matter What
I enjoy it but if can please also make girls generation photo card
yasmin marsya review yasmin marsya
Love it
Sendy Setiawan review Sendy Setiawan
Please make for Apink too. Thanks :)
love it
Bunga putri review Bunga putri
please add nct's photocard app!!!?
Vrido Heryanto review Vrido Heryanto
Its quite helpful to find a new wallpaper and i cant wait for the new features!! Loveit
Taeng09_SONE_ReVeLuv_SeulGi05 review Taeng09_SONE_ReVeLuv_SeulGi05
Cheyenne Seulgi review Cheyenne Seulgi
I love redvelvet