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Piano Dance Beat
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Start your own band, get the best guitars and pianos, and dance to win millions of fans! Take the stage now and play your way to victory in Piano Dance Beat! This game is all about the dream of becoming a real music hero. Enjoy an excellent rhythm based game and escape the stress of the day in Piano Dance Beat!

One game, three ways to play:
1. Piano mode: Tap on the colored tiles but don’t tap on the black tiles
2. Rock mode: Tap and hold the notes along the music to get the highest score
3. Dance mode: Tap on the colored arrows according to musical and visual cues

Game Features:
- 100+ free classic songs in various music genres
- Real piano and guitar instrumental feedback
- Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback for taps

Piano Dance Beat APK reviews

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Bill Butler review Bill Butler
If I could, I'd "GAVE" this LAME GAME...
A NO Star Rating. The developers might should Research music styles in America before portraying the app as a Rock/Dance music experience. Twinkle Star, London Bridge etc. are Elementary School songs. Not only that, it needs instructions NOT a Finger. The TALLYING process (misses, good etc) is confusing. That part of the game is Too Slow and the other two parts are Too Fast. Game Needs INSTRUCTIONS. One redeeming feature- although BORING- is the Piano Sound is REALISTIC and the Pianist is Very Good.
Coconuter Fan review Coconuter Fan
It's the worst game ever and it's even more borring then trivia no person should ever download this game
Henry Richards review Henry Richards
It keeps you out of trouble
No Name review No Name
Awsome Game By Jace
I think it is awsome because of the colors and it has good graphics
Dylan Ortiz review Dylan Ortiz
Y just y
This game sucks do not download all it has is classical music that is BORING
Incredibly frustrating.
I usually give a free pass on most games that are free-to-play for mechanics or other aspects of gameplay that encourage players to purchase the in-game currency. This game, however, got under my skin. There are various requirements to pass levels as the game progresses that are virtually impossible for me to achieve with fairly average finger dexterity if you don't use a power-up that is unlocked with gems. Don't bother with this unless you have quick, accurate fingers and/or you're willing to spend cash.
Under18 Fearless Heart review Under18 Fearless Heart
its ok..how about mix some song except piano song
i will follow you improvement...good
Piano dance
It's lovely
Its Rilly gud en I lyk it
Darlene Boswell review Darlene Boswell
Even so I touched every one of them it told me I miss them it sucks!.
Leah Phelps review Leah Phelps
Absolutely LOVE this game!!!!
Joel Sop review Joel Sop
This game is really nice but what I don't like is that at a certain level when u have no diamond you can't continue ?
Tammy West review Tammy West
Just got it
So far a lot of fun, especially when you live mysic. Give it a try and I think you will also have fun with it. If not you can always uninstall it. But I am not going to
Piano Dance Beat
Best game ever :-)
Prin Cess review Prin Cess
Dance Beat?
All I hear is Classical Tunes not Dance Beats. Maybe change the name of the game, you know call it what it is ;)