Piano Tiles 2 APK

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Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to your favorite Piano Tiles with new gameplay, graphics and sounds.

What's new:
- Great design in "piano" style with hints of expensive mahogany, imagine yourself playing on an old luxury piano.
- New gameplay.
- Global competition mode, challenge yourself and others, try to become the best.
- Results sharing.
- New high quality sounds, new songs.

Game goals:
- Reach out to the end of song.
- Collect coins and sapphires and open new songs.
- Score points, challenge yourself and others.
- Get experience, open new levels.
- Play bonus level after each tune completion.

Surprise: find vinyl records with a surprise, imagine yourself as a DJ and "rub" it.

Note: If you want to get more sapphires, tap on sapphire at the top, activate "advertising" and get sapphires for ads. Just allow advertisers to pay for your enjoyment.

Enjoy your favorite game, while Sabzira creates Piano Tiles 3 for you.

Piano Tiles 2 APK reviews

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MaakaKarin36 review MaakaKarin36
Why cant i get any exp after ive reached lvl 29?? It just remained ( - ) for the rest of time...how can i level up if its like this??!!!!?? i've played like 100times over and over all the songs i get but NO experience whatsoever. Please fix it. I'll rate higher if this problems solved
Mwanakombo Mohamedi review Mwanakombo Mohamedi
This is a great game! I will give it five stars IF ... And only IF you change To Elise to Fur Elise because that's its real name!!! Am I the only one who is crazy about that?!
Gracepaul80 Paul review Gracepaul80 Paul
Amazing n mind-blowing challenge for all who love playing piano.. ??? yeah n its really n truly better than Piano Tiles 2. ?
z3r0 dArK review z3r0 dArK
Not worth it
Prefer piano tiles 2 than this one..keys are hard press..and boring as heLL
Jia Martino review Jia Martino
Loved it
I am so addicted to this app i opened all the levels for a day and got a gold medal if you are searching for a app you would love for the rest of your life this is the one
Zac Wright review Zac Wright
I'm learning piano! Beautiful and awesome game!! ?
Beautiful graphics, real piano sounds, fast scrolling speed, this really can test how fast your nerves are at tapping the black tiles. I'd like to have new features included within the game, like custom sounds for piano, change colours of keys, night mode to reduce strained eyes, adjusting speed, special effects like a rainy, snowy, sunny, and seasonal effects for the keyboard and game play, tuning the keyboard, and a pause button just in case your hands get tired. Great game! Thanks!! ☺
addicted _ review addicted _
It used to be an awesome game but after this upgrade i installed it now i can't connect to Facebook so all my progress in the game and level 69 is lost. please include an option to connect to your Facebook and sync last saved data. Thank you
Semma Ostwal review Semma Ostwal
Did not think the game like this
Hey I am charmesh this game is took much awesome I think there is no passion of Casio or music but after this I love....music.... good job sabzira and thank u for the game
Is pretty good
Challenging but addicting almost like you come back even though u know u r not ready yet. Maybe?
Elias review Elias
Really cool with good features
Love that its design is nice and also gameplay is slick. Just annoying ads just like every game
zia Taviner review zia Taviner
It is a great game that play so I am giving it a five star rating ! Good job sabzira
Mahyar Eslamieh review Mahyar Eslamieh
Delay after update
I was havin a lotta fun with the game before the last update came out. Ever since the last update there has been delay between pressing the notes and hearing the sound. Please fix it
Norma Brodbeck review Norma Brodbeck
Fun but stupidest game ever when I play game won't let me press the button
Samantha Quarterman review Samantha Quarterman
Good game
I enjoy this game but the notes aren't in time when you play but still love playing this game :)
marvin latchumanan review marvin latchumanan
Great !
Just enjoyed every bit of the game! Great job!