PicMonkey Photo Editor: Touch Up, Filters, Graphic APK

PicMonkey Photo Editor: Touch Up, Filters, Graphic
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PicMonkey’s free photo editor and graphic design app puts top-tier tools in the palm of your hand. Make sweet designs and gorgeous photos for all your business and personal needs.

With the PicMonkey app you can:
- Easily edit photos with photo filters like Sepia, B&W, and Ombre
- Create a design from scratch, using patterns or a colored or transparent canvas
- Layer on our unique graphics and stickers
- Add your own stickers, graphics, logos—hello logos!—and keep transparency
- Enhance portraits with touch up tools like Smooth, Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Fix, and teeth whitening (in-app purchase)
- Create designs for all your social posts—YouTube, Instagram, et al—with easy canvas and crop sizes
- Layer effects and paint them on where you want
- Add text in a variety of colors, fonts, and styles
- Draw, erase, and adjust transparency
- Send to front/back with layer order arrows
- Arrange objects just right with alignment hinting
- Make memes with popular meme-maker fonts and drop shadow
- Crop, rotate, blur, saturate, and so much more!

Keep your creations in our integrated storage, and continue editing on desktop (in-app purchase if you're not already a PicMonkey subscriber).

WHAT'S NEW: New design features: start with a colored or transparent background, or pattern. Plus a new color picker and social crops.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PicMonkey-363288993696707/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PicMonkeyapp

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A Google user review A Google user
Love it❤?
A Google user review A Google user
Awesome app
Chloworm review Chloworm
Ok, who will spend money to make their faces look good in an instagram photo? Not me. $2 is not a large amount of money I get it. But $2 for every single setting?! Is that necessary?! Anyway I've deleted the app. I will never again download it. I do not recommend spending money on perfect selfies. But it your okay with spending your money on that type of thing, go right for it. If it didn't cost money I would love it. No adds, no malfunctions. Any way its yoir decision.
leslie kk review leslie kk
Kind of disappointed at least for an android... Aviary is 10 times better
Debbie Hoffman review Debbie Hoffman
Why are you blowing off my husband? I have see him in contact with you on mobile and on desktop and all you idiots do is ignore him and send him to links that get him no where!!!!! He's been a paid user since 2010 and you people are treating him like dirt! How dare you say he's sucking! YOUR SUCKING! your not helping him. His name is Tim Hoffman. You need to aleiviate this. How can you do this and treat himso disrespectly?
Alessa Mendes review Alessa Mendes
Nothing like the web app. It saves the edited pics as a much larger file size than the original, which is terrible. I addressed this and was told it would be fixed and clearly it never was. It seems picmonkey has stopped listening to its users / Royale Members.
Clara Prud'Homme review Clara Prud'Homme
Not enough features! The website is way better and the little changes you can make with the app do not really differ from those that your own phone's gallery already offer. You might as well just use your gallery effects.
Justin Coolidge review Justin Coolidge
White bars negative space above and below the saved images. The website isn't like this. I hate how developers put much more time and effort into the web app and then make their mobile app like junk. Sorry, but I am sticking to the website, also the website saves higher quality anyway
Turquoise Heron review Turquoise Heron
Very regular paying user on the web...
This is decent as far as usability and the very basic tools. However, as much as I wanted to love this, such things as not being to chose strength/opacity of the texts or adjust the Draw tool size...seemingly basic editor abilities, a bunch of things that other editors do as well, and the lacklusterness of stickers or frankly the rest of the app will stop me from keeping this as my primary photo editor on the go. Nothing special anywhere. Very disappointed honestly.
How did u get played ?
So it's no longer an opinion correct ? Its A FACT that this is the worst photo editor EVER? How did they get u . I was played by stumbling across the Web page. . . They made this monkey thing out to be like it could save world hunger. I bought in hard. Smelled the BS quick but I was already in the sharks mouth. THE SECOND they pulled this 'free trial' 'log in' deal I shoulda ran. I stayed. Only to learn that the app itself is the WORST APP ON GOOGLE PLAY. U should DL it
Brendarenée Green review Brendarenée Green
I frikkin' LOVE Pic Monkey! So glad it is an Android app now!
Rosie M review Rosie M
The pictures sometimes come out blurry and sometimes doesn't save my work, but other than that, I like it!
Jesus Saenz review Jesus Saenz
I think you should have put more editing but love it ??
Pete K. review Pete K.
Not as many functions as web version, but still does what I need in a snap...
Peter Tanuska review Peter Tanuska
How about collages in this App?