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Pimp My Vault
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You need more energy and water because you're f****d by the radroaches?

With this utility you can modify the resource values of your vault as you wish.
In next versions more functionalities will be added, like removing rocks or modify your vault habitants skills.

Pimp My Vault APK reviews

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Rich Hicks review Rich Hicks
Amazing App!
I love this app so much! Basically, here you can add an infinite number of caps, nuka cola quantum, energy, food, water, and also remove all the rocks! You can even manage your people - level them up to lv 50, increase health, etc. - and even call in special people that you can only get from lunchboxes! This is a virus free app for those who are wondering. Great work Emilio and hope you make it possible to get equipment from here too!
Crossyboiii review Crossyboiii
The best
For once, a legit cheat system for a game! Not just some overused scam. I give it 100 out of five, but if they figure out how to get lunchboxes, I will give 100000 stars! Thank you!... oh yeah, and by the way... if you are reading this, then change someone to a male and put on pregnancy! The results are hilarious ;-)
Shawn Gray review Shawn Gray
This app is awesome! There are no words for how happy I am that somebody made a app that allows me to, pimp my vault. Now I don't have to worry if my dwellers are going to starve. Unlimited resources. Anyone legendary character you want. I rate this app 100/10. Good job!
Michael Curry review Michael Curry
Cheaters paradise
Seriously folks? Isn't the point of a game the challenge? Straight up cheating does not impress me or any OG gamers. Earn it! Otherwise just don't waste your time. Who are you trying to impress? Sounds like a waste of time to me for some lame bragging rights you didn't even earn. Get a backbone people. Is this what our country has come to? Just a slap in the face to an awesome game developer and shows how honor and self discipline have degraded in our society.
MadDog Cranston review MadDog Cranston
Very good
I didnt think it would have worked when i saw it but now that i use it, its freaking awesome! Seriously download it. But yeah i think you should add being able to get weapons clothes pets lunch boxes and mr handys...
Cellock Holmes review Cellock Holmes
Brilliant little app, helps fix many of the shortcomings Bethesda left in their game. The app itself is adorably simple and pretty, and it worked without a hitch. Looking forward to the "Add Item" functionality after the game cheated me of a MIRV following the quite successful completion of a quest. Cheers, Mr. Manzano! =)
Gerald Dolliver review Gerald Dolliver
System Error *FIXED*
The app works great for resources but I get system errors when trying to save dwellers. When this issue is addressed this app deserves 5 stars. *EDIT*: the above issue has been resolved. The new features added in the last update are excellent. I would recommend this app to anyone. Great job and keep the awesome work.
james drinkall review james drinkall
Absolute best app, but I really need junk.
The app is amazing! However, I can't rate it five stars because it needs a 'Junk' option in vault resources... I hope you will take this into consideration. other than that, the is no fault, it's absolutely amazing and I recommend it to all you people out there.
Khriscian Jade Yao review Khriscian Jade Yao
This app really works! It helps to mess around with Fallout Shelter. Every feature works! I can't complain. The new update is even better, including more features, and absolutely the Nuka-Cola Quantum. Good Job, and Keep it up!
James Lin review James Lin
Just got the new update and it's absolutely amazing. Works perfectly. Quest's now will be much faster to do with the unlimited power of NUKA COLA!!! Also rushing stuff too. Other than this awesome feature the app does what it says. Anyone who is very lazy like me and wants things done or just like cheats I highly recommend you to get this app. Your FalloutShelter experience will me maximized guarantee.
Lucas Ward review Lucas Ward
This app is great, you may not be able to give your self those 999 lunch boxes you wanted but you can doo much more. Keep doing what your doing on this app because that's how we like it. There is one thing that I've always wanted to do on this app and that is give myself Mr Nancy's. If I could do that I'd love it more than I already do. :D
Isaac lykins review Isaac lykins
One thing
You should make it so you can customize what the dweller you are adding looks like everything else is awesome I love it and add so can have more pets added to the inventory not Mr.Handy just pets that would be great 10 out of 10 when is the next update
Christhecoolkid02 review Christhecoolkid02
A Great Tool For New Users
Ive had it for a day i was trying to upgrade my Salon but i didnt have 50,000 caps so i got this and i had the caps i needed and quantum But yes it would be great with weapons and armor and pets and lunchboxes but they are on there way
Wendy Ellis review Wendy Ellis
Brilliant App
Great app for adding dwellers or resources and my game seems to crash less since I've used this so bonus lol as it's been crashing constantly since the update that gave us quests. Thanks for writing this and making it available to us all, much appreciated ?
Kevin Chau review Kevin Chau
It's great
I only have one thing to say, the description is outdated, it says you can only add resources and that rock removal and skill editing will be added later