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Vikki Larson review Vikki Larson
Love love pinterest
Hayley Lindner review Hayley Lindner
I love it
I only put 4 stars because it is had to look up specific things if that was fixed than I would give it a 5 star rating but it is an amazing app definitely worth downloading it also is very hard to send pics to people that you would like to I have spent the last 45 min trying to send one to my cousin and I still can't
Aarika S review Aarika S
Join 'BENZEARN' App and Earn Free Cash
Join 'BENZEARN' App and Earn Free Cash So far so good.Fun way to get money. Won't make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It's also the best exchange rate on points. 5000 points equals $3 instead of like some of the others where it takes 9300 points to reach $3 etc...Also, very reliable in paying you when you redeem to Paypal. You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to Paypal for cash. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for adding some fun to my day.
Serena review Serena
Love that I can see who I follows pins. Please make a widget for phone so I can see pins on my screen.
Tiffany Tanae review Tiffany Tanae
Recent update
Okay I again will admit my love for this site. I know pinterest loves to update and that is great but I also know that with every update the app gets less personal. It is harder for me to find out who saved my pins since it is combined with EVERYONE I follow and my followers and everything that they do. I HATE this update!!! I feel like no one is listening to the people who make this site so popular. I will continue to give terrible feedback until someone finally notice. SO DISAPPOINTED!
Debbie Corbin review Debbie Corbin
Whoever came up with the idea of Pintrest had real vision! I love it! Introducing me to possibilities that I didn't know I love! It's a beautiful time-guzzler! The app is really smart and keeps my discoveries and ideas handy!
Really enjoy Pinterest and find it soothing looking at lovely colourful crafty pics and finding inspiration. Only problems are I spend too long looking rather than doing, and recently my feed has been bringing up quite random results and I'm not sure why... currently pictures of doors?!
Raechel Sykes review Raechel Sykes
I would prefer to be able to turn off Pinterest connecting to the internet. And then I wouldn't get tons of stupid alerts I don't care about. There is zero way to turn off the alerts of stupid things Pinterest think are similar to you (they rarely are btw).
shailendra kandle review shailendra kandle
Heavy size
As images are of heavy size, App takes more internet data.
Joshua VanMeerveld review Joshua VanMeerveld
I like pinterest, great concept. The app seems to get worse and worse with each update or little tweak though. Why can't I move multiple pins at once? Not as user friendly as it could/should be. And the sponsored pins are lame--have yet to see any remotely related to my interests in my feed. Getting to be a bit too much like Facebook that way...something I never use anymore.
Epiphany Talley review Epiphany Talley
Update:no longer have the ability to swipe between pins? I'm deleting the app. That on top of the suggestions makes it unusable. I'll just create another tumblr The You tab and News combo is a forceful way to get me to look at feeds I don't want to see. I've unlinked my social media accounts, but my "friends"still show up in the feed. I'm not even following these people...why isn't there an option to unfriend or remove unwanted people's updates from the feed
Brooke Andrus review Brooke Andrus
The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is they removed the option to "like" the pin. Everything you could ever think of is here! Tips, hacks, ideas, shop options.
Kelly Phillips review Kelly Phillips
The best thing ever invented I can find anything on here very addictive.
Sheila Terlosky review Sheila Terlosky
Best update in a long time. Thank you for bringing back the amount of pins each person has. Thank you for the new update with the subtitles! Why are comments getting deleted? I can see the number of comments what people post and before I can read them, they are deleted, I don't get this.
Sarah Neri review Sarah Neri
I love this app for ideas and inspiration every day. I need to be able to change the board from visible to hidden and vice versa which it currently will not do.

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