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Robert Noe review Robert Noe
Great app
Recently downloaded and Uninstaller because I was impatient but I got a quick email back about a question I had which simply explained what I had over looked great app would highly recommend
huy duc nguyen review huy duc nguyen
Love this app, but the newest version crash every moment i laugh the app. I can't use any more. Plz fix it.
Michael Landers review Michael Landers
Far to complicated
Tried various different things with it but I'm afraid there are much better and simpler apps out there.
GD Phoenix review GD Phoenix
This works! I like it!
Hey, I really like this, it lets me cut, paste and more! I really wanna promote this, can I do a video on this? My channel is GD Phoenix, this channel.
angga andhikka review angga andhikka
Where's double exposure effect?!
Michael Manukyan review Michael Manukyan
Great application!
Abov Khachatryan review Abov Khachatryan
Great app! I am a newbie in photo editing, but Pixomatic is quite easy to use, so I am experimenting a lot now.
Tommy Putnam review Tommy Putnam
Coolest pic app
I've had a good time with this one.
Christian Valle review Christian Valle
ismail debich review ismail debich
It's a good application thank you for it ,but for me i think it's should be an tool can delet just one color for ex when you take a photo and a chroma key in backround it's should be an pen delet just one color (green screen) for the hair and the tiny places , thank you very much and i hope rewrite me
Eker Wong review Eker Wong
Still so buggy
Brandon Nelson review Brandon Nelson
Great, quick, photo cutting tools. It isn't always perfect, as erasing and editing is always needed after defining the area to cut in a photo. But the developer has made recent upgrades, so they seem dedicated to Android.
Simranjeet Singh review Simranjeet Singh
its a good app but not very good
Kenneth Jezreel review Kenneth Jezreel
Overall, I would say that it is a pretty decent photo editor that can be used to make good photos better. But, 4 stars because the save cut feature is paid. But still, it is still a good photo editor.