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PixWords™ - the new wonderfully interesting word puzzle challenge.

50 languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Philippines, Vietnamese and etc...

Each word is a crossword puzzle hidden in a picture. Can you solve all the words?
Upon solving one word, you open another letter, gradually unraveling the entire puzzle.


✔ Free game
✔ Simple rules
✔ More than 1000 levels
✔ Hundreds of words and pictures
✔ Choice of 50 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, etc.
✔ Terrific way to improve your vocabulary!

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Alen Pirgo review Alen Pirgo
Great game
Bogdan H review Bogdan H
cool game
This gAme is awesome
emilian enakhe review emilian enakhe
Un joc foarte educativ!
Silvia Reusch review Silvia Reusch
Great game
Interesting and addicting game
Darren Cameron review Darren Cameron
Fun, but...
The game itself is a lot of fun in English. However, for those who like the challenge of trying in other languages, it is a little disappointing. It seems as if the creators have just used Google translate for the foreign words, rather than finding someone who speaks the language. For example, 'hedgehog' is not a Polish word!
Пешо Георгиев review Пешо Георгиев
Доста тъп гейм интерфейс. Защо няма функционалност/бутон за скриване на вече "откритите" букви в полето с възможности ?!
bobsan 42 review bobsan 42
Good game considering...
Too heavy and clumsy. Poor (even stupid) translations in languages other than english.
Yoana Dukovska-Gyurova review Yoana Dukovska-Gyurova
Laurie Painter review Laurie Painter
Stuck on a level that two cheat sites say the answer is reader but it only has one e in the options. Totally guttered as I can't move on so now have to delete the game
tam m review tam m
Fun but...
Enjoyable except when you get stuck you quickly run out of coins. Receiving more coins is difficult. Spinning the wheel I won 2 coins per day when you pay out 60 for a hint.
Oleg Zak review Oleg Zak
Great game...
For any language spoken. However, ads just killing, so I went for paid version.
Daniel Alexandrov review Daniel Alexandrov
Pix words
Tova e mnogo iaka igra ne mislete a instaliraite ia .A kogato se zatrudniavate napichi v Internet pix words napichi kolko bukvi ti triabvat i zapochni da tarsich kartinkata I kato ia namerich ia natisni u vich otgovorat
Paulo Gomes review Paulo Gomes
Pros: nice graphics, interesting words, some not so. Opponent, which adds to the pleasure of brainstorming. Cons: the current language should appear in the current puzzle... I play 3 different languages and most of the time I can only tell in which language I'm playing by the puzzle level or already found words. I like the fact that Portuguese from Portugal is differentiated from Brazilian Portuguese, but the are too many "Brazilian" words showing in the Portuguese puzzles. As an Indie developer myself, I can understand the need for adds, but showing 2 and sometimes even 3 adds without interval is quite annoying.