Plague Inc. APK reviews

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Mehdi Rehman review Mehdi Rehman
Downloaded it twice and crashed twice
I'm changing my rating because of a consistent bug. I bought the full version for my HTC One M7. After having unlocked Prion the game refuses to start and crashes. Thinking it could be a problem with my phone at the time I didn't think much about it. But right now in my Note 5, the same issue has popped up. Prion is unlocked and the game refuses to start. Haven't seen any updates in a while. Have the developers stopped supporting this game?
James Shiver review James Shiver
I've had this installed for at least a couple of years. I will install it on any device I have because I truly find it that enjoyable. If you are looking for a game that makes you think and strategize, not just slide colors for simple matches, this is what you are looking for. Don't be lulled into a false sense of confidence. The tutorial and early levels allow you to win with a simple full force " shock and awe" type of strategy. I found the kater scenarios to be quute challenging and a blast to play. Easily 5 out of 5 from me.
Ross Kaplan review Ross Kaplan
One of the best mobile games out there
Very easy to pick up and put down throughout the day. Great mobile game, very fun, and very detailed for a disease simulator.
Sam Mead review Sam Mead
Custom scenarios
After the new update I noticed tons of custom created scenarios made by the players of plague Inc. However as an interested participant of the game I cannot find out how to create a custom one myself as I have some great ideas for some scenarios. How on earth do you create your own if this is intirly possible. I love the game and have done for well over a year now. I'm also very eager to see the results of the next special(vampire I asume) can't wait to see more. Thanks
Jay Jaska review Jay Jaska
Easily one of the best mobile simulation games ever made
It's addictive, simple, and has a great sense of humor. The developers also still consistently update with new content and topical humor that come across the in-game news ticker. This game is an example of how mobile games are done right. Global disease and mass human extinction has never been so fun!!
ryanto arif review ryanto arif
Bug Fixed
Thanks for listening us. 3 times change my phone, this game always on my phone since 2 years ago.
Wunnam Ziblim review Wunnam Ziblim
Good game but keeps crashing
After beating the bacteria level I unlocked virus and it won't load when I try to modify the genetic code or play in normal. Instead the game always crashes and I know it's not my phone since it's brand new. Devs need to fix that
Pan Yume review Pan Yume
Great game as most people say. I have not bought the game on my android, but it is still enjoyable. I have it's full version on iPhone, but the free version of this is fine. I love it that they did not lock out totally the ability to alter DNA, but you just have to watch ad videos to do it. I was happy to see it was possible. Afar from that you just slowly unlock things as it should be. Just great =)
The Golden Stefan review The Golden Stefan
Great game.
Perfect way to "kill some time".
Ahmed Al mansoori review Ahmed Al mansoori
Cool but
Each time I play it kicks me out
Jeff Holowaychuk review Jeff Holowaychuk
Best ever
keep up the great work making a gr3at can you make a great nuke game,the other ones on here suck just like all lame parking games,I hope you take the challenge to create a awesome nuke game,I will buy it as soon as you make it.keep up the great work.
Micheal Barrett review Micheal Barrett
Used to be five stars ...
My purchases are all gone and will not restore -_-
John EL Magnifico review John EL Magnifico
But now you think about training? Where have you been? Good game anyway.
Kids Larson review Kids Larson
Great Game!
Pretty fun, You creators are Talented!
Daniel Corona review Daniel Corona