Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 APK reviews

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Nastassia Chambers review Nastassia Chambers
New Update Erased ALL Progress!
After the lost city update, all of my progress is gone. I had unlocked all of the levels and even completed the portion of the lost city that was done. I had to restart my phone because the game froze, and when I turned the game back on I lost everything. This is complete BS. New: Still afraid of updates because of the potential loss of progress.
Christopher Laut review Christopher Laut
Difficulty designed to make you want to spend money to cheat.
The game starts off deceptively easy, but it quickly becomes apparent that you need to spend coins on the special powers in order to advance. Yes you can earn coins by grinding the same levels over and over again, but can that even be considered fun? The way this game is monitized is also a problem. Instead of focusing on improving one's strategy to complete a level, you could just throw money at the game for an easy win. My suggestion to people interested in plant on zombie action is to just buy the first Plants vs Zombies. Not only is it allot more fun, but it doesn't constantly pressure you to spend money to finish a level.
Justin Bratton review Justin Bratton
Plants are costing more, gems are becoming worthless
The new plants have been on a steady price increase, what started as $2.99 or $3.99 for some core plants, with most of the new seasonal plants costing around 100 gems, has slowly increased up to $4.99 for new plants, with no option to use gems, and now electric blueberry is $6.99 with no option to use gems. So my gems are worthless now, and the new plants cost double what they used to. Always been a 5 star game until greed set in, give us a gem option back and stop taking our money for 5 stars back!
Carter Barron review Carter Barron
I like how the game has new plants and brings back some of the old ones. The boss fights are more interesting too. Also I am really enjoying the new neon area, but I swear I will laugh my head off if they make a Miku zombie
Andy Kimberly review Andy Kimberly
Best game in the world brains down
I love this game so much I even deleted the video of the birth of my first child to make room for my most recent update for PVZ. I had to decide to keep the video I took of my daughter being born or delete it and have just enough room for the update. I chose zombies. Awful I know lol
trevor deathenthal review trevor deathenthal
When it comes to pvz im addicted. This one is better than the first, but much harder as well. You can lose yourself in the hilarious almanac or just mess around throughout time. Im hoping to see more vase breakers but content wise its massice plus endless zones. A WARNING THOUGH my profile was reset when my phone died midgame. Update, after going thru the proper channels my content was restored within 5 days!
Gabe DeMatte review Gabe DeMatte
Love this game but...
I really like this game with the addictive gameplay and tons of levels to play. I also don't like that all the good plants from the first game cost money. I love the new 80's world but... Here we go again, another useless plant. Thyme warp. Just like the gold leaf I was kinda excited. But to my surprise, YOU CAN ONLY USE IT IN LOST CITY. Pretty much, thyme warp is the neon equivalent to gold leaf. Really!!!!!! Maybe I'll rate 5 stars if you fix this :(
Brian D review Brian D
If you like P vs Z this is great
Love how they consistently bring new updates and have modes you can play even when you beat all current levels. You don't have to spend money to win, but buying characters is outrageous. $4 for 1 character. 99 cents would have made much more sense or even $2 then half price every once in awhile. Guess ppl pay $4 so they keep it.
Maren Jensen review Maren Jensen
Awesome game!
I love this game, my kids love this game, even my mom loves this game!! It goes from easy to challenging. It's totally addicting. There are so many levels, achievements and different things to do, you will never get bored with it!! My only complaint is that so many of the plants have to be purchased and $5 seems a pretty stiff price for each individual plant. If they were even only a dollar or two, I would buy many more of them.
Anthony Willard review Anthony Willard
Fun game, used to be better
While I enjoy playing this game, there are a couple areas that could use improvement. The frequency of advertising lately sems to have increased considerably. Sometimes multiple ads in between 2 levels. The time spent on and frequency of loading screens is also discouraging. If you can overlook these and if you enjoyed the original PvZ this is still worth a look.
Saul Godinez review Saul Godinez
Almost Great
This is a very polished game. Great art style, fun gameplay, and they constantly bring new content. Now the issues. There are absurd difficulty spikes that basically force you to rely on power ups. There are different currencies in the game which bothers me since they are all hard to accumulate through regular gameplay yet they benefit you greatly. The result is that you must grind to get ahead unless you want to spend money. I would have given this game 3 stars, but rewards have been more generous lately
PeNn N RoMe review PeNn N RoMe
All that work n my game randomly deleted itself.
I tried to contact customer support n it led me n an endless circle of the same questions n no way to complete the request 4 help .... URK. ANGRY ISNT THE WORD.
Rose Pacheco review Rose Pacheco
Wtf? Where's my saved data? I almost had the newest, updated level complete.
Jason Kahian review Jason Kahian
I have an idea
Name:flamboo Range:lobbed Damage:moderate Special:warms nearby plants Description: they think i was just bamboo but then i was a torch the other plants. Are jealious i guess there hate fire
Juan Soto review Juan Soto
Great Game
Really good game with an awesome soundtrack, awesome worlds,etc. Would love to see more minigames, Vase Breaker is allright but gets really boring after a while. Would love to see I Zombie come back, wouldnt get bored of that