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Pocket GO-EN
2.90 MB
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Travel in a world with battles, quests, and PvP!
Have a chance to collect 700+ Monsters!
Be a hero to defend the land from impending darkness!
Embrace evolution power to restore peace and harmony!
The evolution of the world is in your hands!

- Collect, Train and Battle 700+ monsters.
- Evolve Monsters into Mega Forms.
- Complete Quests to earn rewards.
- Destroy rivals in PvP Tournaments.
- Weekly, special events with new Monsters.
- Discover the Legendary Monsters.
- Hours of addictive gameplay.
- Colorful, vivid HD graphics and animations.

Trainers, ready to challenge the League Champion?
Let’s Fight to The End!

Pocket GO-EN APK reviews

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Jordan Tingle review Jordan Tingle
Doesn't work
It goes into it and doesn't work like what the heck seriously
Crystal Bench review Crystal Bench
Not happy
If my phone tells me that i shouldn't download a app that needs extra down loading after you have already download it. Then yeah something is fishy and im not liking it. I will not be playing this game.
Pedro DE La Luz review Pedro DE La Luz
No stars! If i could, didnt even get to see ......nothing
Jason review Jason
why do i need to install a patch from an unknown source
upgrade from unknown source..i dont think so.
Adrian J review Adrian J
Love it. Just wish it wasnt so money hungry
Luis Martinez review Luis Martinez
Really good game
Its so addictive love it!
Devin Wiltshire review Devin Wiltshire
I would give this a 0 star if I could i got to lvl 40 VIP6 and I get home today after work to everything deleted and back to lvl 1. To top it off I go to synch my Facebook to correct everything like normal but tells me the page I'm trying to go to is expired. If yall can fix this I will give a 5 star again. I did like the game but to put money into something to lose it all isn't worth it.
Thomas Hoppe Sr review Thomas Hoppe Sr
Deleted my account
Do not play this! I was playing fine and was actually level 46. Tried to play today (after already having played not an hour before) and it asks me to log in. Nothing I enter works to gain access to my account and it wants me to start over. I am reporting this to Google for refund of purchases and also considering reporting the app to Nintendo for copyright issues... Lack of customer support has led me to this...
Sam Mead review Sam Mead
Ok. I personally dont see why on earth you guys have a second download half that i might add is an unsafe download method. On reading the requirements you want to access my sms and mms and it may cost me?? Lol why would you need sms and mms? Whats the purpose? Your making yourselves look suspicious and questionable and people wont download or trust your game further.. I dont trust it enough to go further. Its like opening my purse and telling you to help yourself. Not happening.
Jeremy Burns review Jeremy Burns
Unnecessary permissions
For the "2.0" update, that is an extra download apart from the Play Store download, requires you to allow the app to read, receive, and send both SMS and MMS messages that you have on your phone and SIM. On top of that, why would an app need to modify SD card contents? Edit: As a side note, the "replies" the developer posts are blatant copy/pastes, which they couldn't even care less to edit the paste enough to say "Dear (person's name)" no, it's just "Dear ,"
Joel Shelhorse review Joel Shelhorse
Waste of space
I just installed this yesterday now it won't work, says I'm missing the new version. And no updates are available. So don't waste your time with this game
bailey Wanta review bailey Wanta
This game jipped me.
I bought so many gems in this game and this game giped me, and when u tell the support about it they don't help they just say oh it's your fault you should pay more attention next time. This game is so fun but the service and how this game is set up is horrible.