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The Pod Point App has you covered at home and on the go!

Not only can you search for public units and claim a charge in the app, you can also connect your home charge unit and monitor the energy you've consumed.
You’ll have access to a full break down of your daily, weekly and/or monthly energy use across public and home charging.


- Search: find and navigate public chargepoints quickly
- Filter: search by selecting a specific charge capacity
- Charge activity: monitor both your home and public charge data in the ‘Stats’ section (Please note, home charge data will only be visible for customers with a newer Pod Point model that is connected to wifi)
- Stats report: download your charging data directly to your email
- Business mileage: enter your total and business miles in the app and see the associated costs on the Stats report
- Start charging: Initiate charges directly from the app
- Up-to-date information: get the latest chargepoint availability and view public charging tariff information (set by the chargepoint owner)
- Favourites: star your most beloved locations for quicker access
- Account: greater control of your Pod Point settings
- Feedback: report an issue quickly from within the app
- EV Zones: App users can easily identify EV Zone locations when searching for public units in the app. Simply look out for any location marked with a ‘Z’ on the map!

Pod Point is the UK’s largest independent electric vehicle charging provider. With over 1,500 public chargepoints and an easy-to-use App, it’s never been more simple to charge your EV.

Pod-Point APK reviews

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Mark Howells-prescott review Mark Howells-prescott
Great and very helpful
Lyndon Shuck review Lyndon Shuck
I've tried to report a problem with Macy-Doug (A) PG-80007 which has not worked for months, but when you click on Report a problem/feedback in the app it takes me to PayPal! So can't report the fault. Sorted problem. Deleted PayPal and app now works. Reinstalled PayPal and still ok.
Andrew Fischer review Andrew Fischer
Current version won't display any charge points on the map. I've never been able to start a charge.
Marcel Ward review Marcel Ward
Smooth and easy to use. Browsing the charge points and starting a charge is a breeze. The latest update fixed the only two minor issues I was having (thank you!) Enjoying watching the network grow rapidly; new sites going up every week!
Fahed Barakat review Fahed Barakat
Good app but has issues. Live status data is unreliable. Many locations where the physical machine illuminate red show as available on the app when they are out of service. Similarly some show charging when in fact are empty and are physically blocked for at least few hours
Richard Hayden review Richard Hayden
The app itself works fine but always force closes apon coming out of the app.
Chris Burton review Chris Burton
You cannot trust the available/charging status that the app reports (I wish it would report the correct charge point status like the Ecotricity Electric Highway app does). Also the app hangs in a non-responding state sometimes and I then have to use Android Settings Force Close to restart it.
Simon Woolley review Simon Woolley
it's all well and good telling me I don't have enough credit and I need to insert my credit card details but could you at least tell me how much you're going to debit my account? 
ポール ​ review ポール ​
Drains battery constantly.
tony haywood review tony haywood
rubbish wont ever accept password. wont send change password. can never work shut down or sort it
mark hounsell review mark hounsell
Would not let me log in saying email or password wrong. So i tryed to reset my password but it never send me a reset email. I then tryed setting up a new account but keep saying oops something's gone wrong please try again!!! Ran out of juice on the way home because of it :(.
David Fowler review David Fowler
Recent update does not show any charging points - good map, but useless without any charging points shown. Worked fine before the update.
Matthew Slinn review Matthew Slinn
Won't work. Tried everything. But it just stops every time i open it. LG G4
James Moran review James Moran
Just please fix the crash situation. Very frustrating.
Neville Finnamore review Neville Finnamore
Great App. Just had a problem when confirmed charge but didnt do more thsn 20 mins. Maybe the 3g/4g signal low on phone. I Would like to be able to add a figure along side the Home info for amount of Solar energy used on this charge. Also a tick box to allow just the latest 2 months of data to download as it signs in as it's going to be heavy data in a years time. Many thanks