POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) APK

POIbase PRO+ (non-free version)
POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 1POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 2POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 3POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 4POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 5POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 6POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 7POIbase PRO+ (non-free version) screenshot 8
IMPORTANT: this version can not be used without buying a subscription. After installation you need to subscribe the PRO+ version for usage (1,99€ for 3 months). To use POIbase free of charge and without additional PRO+ features then please use our free POIbase version from playstore (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.navigating.poibase or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=camping.poibase.de).

Using POIbase PRO+ without subscription is NOT possible. For testing please use our free version (see above).

This POIbase PRO+ version does include all features of our two apps POIbase PRO and Camping.Info PRO+ and additionally included the following PRO+ premium features:

► Speed camera coverage worldwide (online + offline)
► Offline map coverage worldwide incl. map updates
► Offline speed limits, offline speed limit warnings
► Offline POIs
► Offline search and filters

Having offline map and offline poi data available with PRO+ there is no heavy map or POI loading in background needed any more. This will save extensive data traffic and means much better performance and overall experience using the app.

You also get the full features from our POIbase PRO and "Camping.Info PRO+ by POIbase" version:

POIbase features (including PRO features):
► Community project: POIbase is supported by pocketnavigation.de, the largest online community for POIs & navigation (German-speaking countries)
► Possible mobile & stationary speed traps, constant updates
► Updates: Around 440.000 active users are connected to POIbase
► Driving speed monitoring: Always aware of the allowed maximum speed
► One system fits all: POIbase is available for almost all navigation devices
► Many years of experience: We have developed the world's first POI-Warner for navigation devices
► Highest quality: Large manufacturers such as MEDION use our software & data
► Continuous R&D and flexibility: Development takes place in-house and is not outsourced
► Additional desktop application: Convenient POI processing (also for desktop) download at http://www.poibase.com/navigating

Advantages of POIbase camera detector:

★ Optimal display (Icons for speed/type, traffic cone)
★ Potential and daily active speed cameras
★ Easy to use, no further settings needed!
★ Display of current speed limits
★ Smartwatch / Android Wear support
★ Highly configurable
★ Over 1 million additional POIs in the POI database
★ Start Agent: Auto start when driving or use Bluetooth connection
★ Offline mode
★ Background mode
★ Voice warning: Warning of speed camera's and speed
★ Overlay widget - Lay over other apps:
★ Can be used with TomTom, NAVIGON, Sygic, HERE, Google Maps, ALK CoPilot, Route 66 etc.
★ Bluetooth support
★ Nearest pharmacy
★ Cross-format
★ POI processing
★ Extensive POI categories and special functions include: Speed cameras, section control, traffic light cameras, geocaching, natural gas, CNG and LPG petrol stations, ATMs, fast food and other restaurants, camping and SUV parking places, parking lots & parking garages, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, cinemas, mountain peaks, public swimming pools, mountain huts, hardware stores, discounters (e.g., Aldi, Real, Rewe etc.), specialist stores (e.g., Media Markt, Saturn, DM etc.), shopping centres (e.g., Karstadt, Marktkauf) , churches, couriers, hotels, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and much more

► For Smartwatch support, Android 4.3 or higher must be enabled on the mobile phone.

Detailed Instructions: http://www.pocketnavigation.de/pois/poibase-blitzer-app-android/

For Camping PRO+ features (also included) please see: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=campingplus.poibase.de

Note: The app uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics for product improvement.
POIbase is a joint project of POICON GmbH & Co.KG, pocketnavigation.de GmbH and navigating GmbH.

POIbase on the Web: http://www.poibase.de
POIbase on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/POIbase