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PokeLocator for PokemonGo
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PokeLocator for PokemonGo is a collaborative app that lets you find the location where other people found the Pokemon you want!

It will show you the locations around you where people found the Pokemon you are looking for, you can use a filter so that it only shows you the Pokemon you want.

Do you know a place where a lot of Dratini spawn? Share it with others!

We hope this app helps you find all the Pokemon you are missing.

PokeLocator for PokemonGo does not use any unauthorized service of a third party.
PokeLocator for PokemonGo only shows you the position of Pokemons that the users have shared, it does not show you any real time pokemon location.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email at [email protected]

Happy catching!

PokeLocator for PokemonGo APK reviews

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Kevin Li review Kevin Li
I put one star cuz i see everyone else do it ....the ones that dislike for no reason. Thats how untrustworthy reviews are.
Tony Divis review Tony Divis
User base
Needs a large user base for this to be a viable option to find Pokemon, or just get a lot of your friends who live near you to get it
tareq hasan review tareq hasan
totally waste of time
Jonathan Perdaud review Jonathan Perdaud
Mush better that those other apps
Keivn Loor review Keivn Loor
triston bacster review triston bacster
This app only teases you with Pokemon that area rare but they are not really there