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SL LOW review SL LOW
Update - Can we have a option not to use pixel? I just dont like it. Nice game to motivate me go out to walk. Just did a Marshmallow update on my android Samsung J5 and suddenly the game is unable to detect GPS signal. Pls advice how to resolve this. Bascially cannot play once no GPS signal.
Dylan Young review Dylan Young
Just a tip if your going to rate
If you are planning on rating a new game that just got out of beta put the kind of phone, make and model ie. Samsung note 5, because they do actually have people who look at this and they can't fix anything if your rating just cause it isn't perfect yet.
Anthony Stephenson review Anthony Stephenson
Gameplay is fun and great, but without being able to calculate IVs in an efficient way anymore I don't know why people will play. If you can't tell you have the best of the best why would I commit hours to this game. Plus the app crashes every 10 min... bring back IVgo and my raid team will start playing again
Kandy Braley review Kandy Braley
Be nice if I could actually sign in with my new account or my old account and yes I did their little force stop trick to no avail. I was so upset when i couldn't sign in to my old account but still created another. I can sign in online but not through the app. Then online I can't make my avatar a female it keeps kicking back to the male avatar. This is rediculious. Bring back the old app. It worked a lot better!!!
Kain White review Kain White
I enjoy the game play and weather mechanics and new gyms quite a bit raids are also awesome great idea. I think what would bring alot of original players back is trading pokemon. Then later down the road pvp battles. I hope you take my reveiw into consideration Niantic Inc. From one person who grew up with pokemon these would be great features for the game.
Caden Boatman review Caden Boatman
Its a fun game and I enjoy playing quite a bit but after being out two years and I still can't add friends? It's not gonna get five stars. Also while the 8bit graphics are cute and nostalgic for some people a lot of people don't want it, myself included.
Racheal Palmer review Racheal Palmer
I love the game. It has it's issues though. I will stick with it because it is a game I have loved since childhood. Pokemon!! That being said as of lately my pokemon have been showing up pixalated. Please fix this. :) Thank you for all your hard work and effort, this game has come so far and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes!
Stacey Dougal review Stacey Dougal
I want to love it but...
"The amount of Prestige gained by training at a friendly Gym has been lowered." THANKS. Because it's not already hard enough to raise the prestige in a friendly gym -_- It took forever as it was to try and raise a gym from lvl 7 to 8 with the gap of 22000 to 30000. Not everyone plays with other people, or lives in a city with pokestops aplenty where they can easily restock on revives and potions. Ugh.
Christopher K review Christopher K
Pretty fun so far!
Seems to glitch out when you screenshot while capturing though.
Jakalah Jones review Jakalah Jones
I love pokemon go but the new 8 bit graphics suck. They make it hard to look at and kinda defeats the purpose. If I wanted to see Pokemon in 8 bit I'd go to gamestop and get pokemon ruby or something. I have it on my high tech smartphone so I can see some high tech things. Please go back to how its been
Stephen McCollum review Stephen McCollum
The recent changes.
Because of the recent changes, my son can't play Pokemon Go on the way to school and on the way home from school. The pokemon won't appear over a certain speed and now he can't even collect pokestops because they won't give you items over a certain speed. He's 6, I let him use my phone twice a day to play pokemon, he loves the game, but the recent changes have significantly dampened his ability to play.
carol invencion review carol invencion
I used to love this game until the ex passes came out. I know people that play less than me or haven't played at a particular gym for awhile and they get passes while I'm still here with nothing. It sucks that multiple times I drive people to the raid and I end up being one of them that didn't get one. They all got 2 or more invites and I'm still at 0. I know it's random but it dicourages me from playing. Now I wish I didn't spend monies on the game.
Мартин Филипов review Мартин Филипов
Everyone who is hating are dumb. The game never died. Niantic made lots if new updates and for those who think it's too easy to hack,why are you hacking anyways? So onto my review,I think the games is very nice and I think it's better then the original pokemon. But I have to say something,making every gen 1 pokemon shiniable? Really I think it's best to make certain pokemon shinies, but still an awesome game I hope it doesn't get hate and everyone should love it.
Vickie Alt review Vickie Alt
This game keeps moving backwards....
The creators of this game keep moving it backwards. 1st they removed the most reliable tracking system they would give us. 2nd they take away any ability to see what's close unless you walk on top of it. 3rd they take away the ability to hit pokestops at anything over 30 mph. So unless you live in a metropolitan than is only filled with safe neighborhoods (please), you won't get much out of this game.
Andrew Lee review Andrew Lee
Freak you niantic. You do not set a fair game. They think awfully big about themselves. Niantic has the lousiest customer support and NOT HELPFUL AT All. Give them Feedback is good as not read. They don't care about anything except money. Very bland and super biased. The programmers cannot be bothered to make necessary adjustments at time. Will post their reply on how they treated customers online soon

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