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amit garg review amit garg
Good game but hang sometime Then I have to exit and login again. Although overall gaming experience is very good. Developer should fix crash problem.
James Dorricott review James Dorricott
The only problem about this amazing game is that it always glitches me out of servers in the middle of games. But apart from that I love it
Richard Maher review Richard Maher
Maybe I'm just unlucky. Some people just seem to get better cards all of the time.
i m new user here.its almost better then other till now
Jock Keomanyvong review Jock Keomanyvong
I hate everything about this app!!!! Wouldn't recommend this app to anyone.
Jessica Alcaraz review Jessica Alcaraz
Terrible update
I lost 2 million chips I spent a month playing for and then I lost it all on 10 different hands with the chances of me losing being 1 in 10,000,000 ever since the new update nothing but pares show up on the table, I had quad kings and lost to quad ace's twice within five hands to the same person! Wtf happened to this game, nothing but garbage now
Анастасия Леусенко review Анастасия Леусенко
Моя любимая игра и приложение очень удобное
Tom Clarke review Tom Clarke
new player 2 days ago I had 210k today 700 lost every hand
Jeremiah Arbuckle review Jeremiah Arbuckle
Love this game!!
This game makes you feel like your there with the touch screen features love it!!
Ammar Aziz review Ammar Aziz
Starting issues
Hangs when it starts and have to force close and start it again and again till you loose your freaking mind.
DanaJoy Florio-May review DanaJoy Florio-May
"Winner, winner chicken dinner"
Love this poker app. The dealers can be a little slower than I care for, but all in all it is very fun and entertaining. Love the fact we can play Omaha, such a fun game. Would be even better if we could play Omaha Hi/Lo and for real $$'s.
simran goraya review simran goraya
one of the best poker game
David Byers review David Byers
I enjoy your app but I definitely don't think a player should be able to "go away" during a tournament if you enter it play or leave the tournament other than that I am very happy with the game
joe martin review joe martin
In top 3 apps. Great game
Vikki Sinisi review Vikki Sinisi
If you enjoy a site full of unskilled Donks that will bet,call,raise with anything, then this sites for you. And enjoy the continual bad river beats doled out by their RNG.