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Policeman's Love Story
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Bruce is a Policeman. He saved Emma’s life in a hostage rescue operation. Emma wanted to see him again but she didn’t know how to contact him. One day she met Bruce in a hospita by chancel. What would she do? This game is about their love story.

1. Policeman’s preparation: Emma is kidnapped by some terrorist. The policeman needs to complete the preparation and go to save the hostage.
2. Save the girl: Emma is in danger. Please help the policeman save the girl.
3. Injured: The Policeman is injured in another mission. He needs an ambulance.
4. Meet again: Bruce met Emma in the hospital. Could Bruce recognise her?
5. Date: Emma wanted to thank Bruce for saving her life. So she asked Bruce out for a dinner. How was the date?

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hasti mojdeh review hasti mojdeh
بازی خوبی است نسب کنید
Riley Kay van Niekerk review Riley Kay van Niekerk
Asome game so romantic thats what i like about it
Gypsy Raine review Gypsy Raine
Romantic. So much love
خوب بود
very good l like it