PopEmoji! Funny Emoji Blitz!!! APK

PopEmoji! Funny Emoji Blitz!!!
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The most funny emoji game!Pop an emoji,happy everyday!

Pop Emoji is the first casual game base on emoji.
Do you love Emojis? Ever wondered what happens when an Emoji becomes a game? Try Pop Emoji now!
Its the most flashiest, colorful and endless fun! You cant get enough of popping those emojis
You have time to kill? Pop an emoji
In a bad mood? Pop an emoji
The possibilities are endless, just hang back relax and just keep on popping

Pop Emoji is a very easy elimination play and you just need to elimination emojis to gain scores.
-Tap two or more emojis of the same color to destroy them.
-The more emojis you eliminate and the less emojis you leave on screen the more scores you will gain.
-there is no time limited, but every level has target scores for you to achieve.

Even though the game’s rule is simple, it will kill a lot of your brain cells if you want to get high scores. And funny emojis will make you happy everyday!

It's good work with play Game Service, has TOP LEVEL, TOP SCORE Leaderboards and more than 5 Achievements, you can play with you friends.

PopEmoji! Funny Emoji Blitz!!! APK reviews

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MaKayla James review MaKayla James
POP EMOJI ?????????
It is way to many ads but It is a relief and i am on level 12
Mayli Tinsley review Mayli Tinsley
Passes time
Its enjoyable, it passes the time while you pass the gas!!???
ari life review ari life
But y the music so sad yet beautiful?music for emojis should be lit frfr??
Nana Ama review Nana Ama
Everything works correctly
Michelle Licciardello review Michelle Licciardello
cool game. ???
Laura Reese review Laura Reese
Very addictive
This application is very good it makes me happy ☺
J Torres review J Torres
Never thought ...
I would be so addicted to this game
Jaylynn kelly review Jaylynn kelly
It keeps starting me all over I was at level 36 and if I go out and back in it starts me all over
Peggy Butler review Peggy Butler
Enjoy pop
Really fun love this
Aaniya Sloan review Aaniya Sloan
I had to go and do something so when I got back on it the whole game went black that i couldn't couldn't see what I was doing but other than that I really liked the game the first times I was playing it
Fahd Alshagdry review Fahd Alshagdry
Emad Abu tawileh review Emad Abu tawileh
Harmoni Sanders review Harmoni Sanders
It alright but the music is just a rip off of the song let it go from the movie frozen. Also when you mess up you have to start from the beginning. And there are way too many ads. Fix all this stuff and I'll give y'all 5 stars.