Powerboat Racing 3D APK

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Race your hydroplane powerboat in the ultimate test and crush your friends in multi-player mode in Powerboat Racing now! Powerboat Racing is #1 critically-acclaimed and most popular 3D motorboat racing game.

Powerboat Racing combines excellent visuals and sound with stunning gameplay and head-to-head multi-player competition to create a new type of hydroplane racing experience. This powerboat racer offers an exhilarating mix of wild stunts and intense challenge. As you raced through hairpin turns at breakneck speeds on lakes and rivers, you’ll find yourself struggle to retain control and reach the finish line in record time.

Game Features:
- 8 stages of 40+ challenging levels in Career mode
- Earn coins in Quick-play mode to buy and upgrade vehicles
- Simultaneous multi-player action for up to 4 opponents (supported by Play Game Services)
- Stunning 3D graphics and smooth & realistic boat handling

How to Play:
- Tilt to steer the powerboat
- Touch bottom right gas button to accelerate
- Touch bottom left brake button to slow down

Powerboat Racing 3D APK reviews

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Rhonda Paschal review Rhonda Paschal
Samsung Galaxy S7
Best boating game on here, graphics, settings, steering is all perfect except for one thing, it would be even better if the option to accelerate yourself was available instead of just having auto accelerate as the only option. The option to manually brake is available along with pressing a button for nitro boosts.
Pikachu Pokemon review Pikachu Pokemon
Good afternoon my first day back in touch base on my way to go with a lot more than one person who has been checked the website is a great weekend too many thanks and best wishes for the toy and the other hand if I could get it done in a couple days and then you will have a good day please see the same for you and I am a bit more than one of my resume and I am a little more about your order has not been in touch base on a good day I am a little while and I will have a great time with you on Monday
jade rosas review jade rosas
Lot of fun
Woooo i really like this game thats why i rate four stars because the enemys are cheating...they want you to get crashed but its okay couse i always get first.
Thanks again,
I'm going on. The list is not the only way I could have a good time.
Evette Ansah review Evette Ansah
Keeps u awake
Most games don't require much skill, so you tend to 'sleep' this game requires a lot of skill to win so you are always awake. Simple mistakes can cause you to end up in last place, if you like great graphics and challenging games that keep u awake, (like I do) this is the game for you !!!!???
voilet rego review voilet rego
Good graphics and easy to play
The games has many good graphics and easiest games best game
Jada Anderson review Jada Anderson
Love it
This game is so fun because you can vs people and I just downloaded this game about 2 mins ago and it is fantastic and amazing
Ashmit Kar review Ashmit Kar
Worst game ever
Do not download this game I repeat do not download.... It showed that my phone doesn't support graphics whereas I have played asphalt 8, modern combat 5 with full graphics and it didn't cause any problems... If ur looking for a good hover boat game go for riptide gp 2 don't even bother to download this f***king game...
Shaheer Kareem review Shaheer Kareem
The best
It is a fabulous game I don't have so many good words to describe it
ivan domingo review ivan domingo
Loved it
Its cool because it has great graphics and easy to control
Brendon Battle review Brendon Battle
This is the best game ever but not on phone
Guys don't play this on phone even though I love this game play it on the xbox 1 like me it's so much better with even better graphics
Acejinjo review Acejinjo
The game is okay, but the lap placement doesn't make any sense, I wasn't near yet I still got a lap and also the music loop is far to short and noticeable. I was hoping to find something in the lines of Hydro Thunder or Wave Race but it isn't.
Moses Mulat review Moses Mulat
Powerboat racing 3D
It is epic battle and the boat is hard to control the speed of the boat to this is a great weekend in high Barnet London Street Amazing work to do with the new boat I unlocked the bootloader and modem bootloader amazing games
Rue Bob The Cat review Rue Bob The Cat
Download you won't be disappointed CAUTION this app may induce an overwhelming desire to purchase a REAL jet ski/ bike lol a well done and fun
Victoria Merritt review Victoria Merritt
I loved it
I never thought I would like it its a really awesome game I love the great graphics it's so fun and easy to use it helps when your bored ✌