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We created prEPAred as system of assessment optimized for documenting frequent workplace-based assessment even in a busy workplace setting. Using intuitive and innovative design we created a learner-centered process with maximized usability for all stakeholders.

We focus on
- Meaningful assessment
- State-of-the-art educational concepts
- Usability
- Data security

What prEPAred offers

For learners
• intuitive and innovative design
• real-time documentation of workplace-based assessments (assessment FOR learning, low stakes)
• creation of individual competency profile (sharable with supervisors)
• managing individual learning goals (sharable with supervisors)
• facilitation of actionable feedback conversations (meaningful learning)
• support of self-directed learning (increased efficiency and motivation)
• simple data transfer to existing log-books or learning management systems
• maximum data security (data encryption)
• data owned by learners (full control over access to data)
• increased portability (personal competency profile stays with the learner)

For supervisors/teachers/coaches
• access to learner's individual competency profile (if shared by the learner)
• intuitive and innovative design
• teaching tailored to learner’s individual needs (facilitating meaningful and efficient learning)
• allows supervision adapted to learner’s competencies (increased patient safety and efficient use of resources)
• less administrative effort for workplace-based assessments (done with a few clicks)
• facilitation of mentoring and coaching based on data instead of gut feeling
• supports expert judgment for workplace-based assessment
• on-demand guidance for meaningful feedback conversations

For specialists and continuous professional development (CPD)
• access to specialist's personal competency profile
• intuitive and innovative design
• facilitation of a culture of life-long learning trough peer coaching/support
• user-friendly documentation of peer coaching situations to stay on top of your field (and earn credits)
• simple data transfer to existing CPD management systems
• maximum data security (data encryption for transfer and storage)
• data owned by specialist (full control over access to data)
• increased portability (personal competency profile stays with the specialist)

For institutions/administrators/program directors
• access to a state-of-the-art assessment system (based on 2020 Ottawa consensus statements in Medical Education)
• intuitive and innovative design (NO faculty development needed)
• access to a copy of learner's competency profile (if shared by the learner)
• efficient use of resources (replacement of existing cumbersome assessment systems, decreased administrative effort)
• less redundancy in education (increased efficiency)
• progress and certification decisions can be made based on robust data (increased learner quality and patient safety)
• remediation efforts can be guided by data
• data can be integrated in any existing learning management tool
• Back-end management on-demand