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Princess: Charmed Adventures
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Play as your favorite Disney Princesses—Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, and Tiana—as you adventure beyond the castle walls! Explore your kingdom, play games, and help your friends. Along the way, you’ll collect beautiful charms and build amazing bracelets to celebrate your journey. It all starts with a dream!

CREATE as Rapunzel by painting wall murals, finding Pascal, helping Flynn escape, and matching the ‘floating lights in the sky’.

EXPLORE as Ariel by hunting for human treasures, rescuing your friends from sunken shipwrecks, and putting on your own music and light show with jellyfish friends.

INQUIRE as Belle by fixing Maurice’s fireworks invention, mastering book memory games, and courageously fending off a pack of wolves!

COOK as Tiana by finding delicious ingredients, cooking up a recipe, and celebrating your new menu with firefly fireworks!

EARN ADVENTURE CHARMS with every fun-filled game you play!

CUSTOMIZE beautiful charm bracelets that you can mix, match, and share with friends!

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost real money, as well as advertising for the Walt Disney Family of Companies.

The app allows content to be saved to device storage.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings with your device to see if your device is muted. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care at

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Princess: Charmed Adventures APK reviews

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Rathi Sonani review Rathi Sonani
Drives me mad
I agree what Bethany Dobson said. My favourite princess is Ariel. But, instead Rapunzel is there. Why can't they do this: after we finish Rapunzel, the next one will come. And the next one is Ariel. Like that, every princess will have a role in the game. Playing only Rapunzel is very boring. It really drives me mad. ??
This game (Adventures) in free mode was working fine. As my daughter wanted to play other princesses I bought the full package for around £13. Now the game frizes more often than old win95 used to and I only managed to download 1 more princess. Every time I want to download more content the game start to show download and freezes after few seconds. Tablet (Acer iconia one 10) hangs and even waiting for an hour and a half the only thing to do is a hard reset.
Gemma Fermor review Gemma Fermor
In free mode so repetitive. My little girl wanted to play the tiana part so purchased via the app, every time she clicks that character the app closes! Waste of money thanks for nothing!
KITTY smith review KITTY smith
Extremely bad
Its good but its freezes up lots takes far too long to load and we shouldn't have to pay just to play the other princesses my cousin was looking forward to playing with the oyher ones really we should be able yo unlock them once we have completed one of the princesses i am not paying a lot of money just so my cousin can continue playing this game says its free to install so all levels should be free to! This game is very misleading on the discription
I love this game But they gave only rupanjal. She has only four thingsto do. The silly necklaces,we can choose a stone only one time in a necklace.I think theyshould unlock all princesses and we can use the stone many times in a necklace.
Dani Lightfoot review Dani Lightfoot
Biggest money grab
You can only play one of the 4 levels for free. The point of the game is to complete quests to unlock charms for your bracelet, which you can decorate. But you have to buy the levels amd even some of the charms! Biggest money grab for a game aimed at little kids.