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Prison Escape
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Launch the escape plan step by step and break out to prove innocence of yourself in #1 prison themed open world escape game!

You are sent to death row due to a conspiracy and the only way to save yourself is to break out the prison from inside. Befriends with other inmates to get help, fight with other crime gangsters to gain respect, or just dig an escape tunnel underneath the prison. It’s all you call!

Game Features:
- Free to move, explore and fight in a 3D prison world
- Make your way out through 30 ACTION-PACKED MISSIONS
- Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects in survive mode
- Intuitive controls so you can play just the way you want

Prison Escape APK reviews

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Abhay deepak review Abhay deepak
It tells me to tap on the story mode but it isn't working
Katie Chapman review Katie Chapman
Very fun I just got it and I already enjoy it! Keep up the good work.
A Google user review A Google user
The game is lit but I strongly suggest a change in the fighting techniques
Rayyan Taujoo review Rayyan Taujoo
Its the first time that i really loved a game without playing the first 2 min of it....really nice saying this due to my experience in gaming
Muhammad Shabbir review Muhammad Shabbir
It is a too bad game plz don't even think about to download it
Phillip Papanyana Magubane review Phillip Papanyana Magubane
Give the game more gravity the pic are not good
PierceAndrei DeGracia review PierceAndrei DeGracia
The game is very hard to play fix it and balance it !!!! SO STUPID GAME EVER WORST!!!
Amit Choudhary review Amit Choudhary
Best escape game ever o have played. It is one of the best game ever
Naresh Mittal review Naresh Mittal
it's very good game for mobile users as it's just of 19mb but then also it's so good
A Google user review A Google user
so boooooooring lalalalalalala... install then uninstall hahays..
darshan Patni review darshan Patni
Stuck on level 11. Please help me
It is good and i liked and do like going in helicopter and shoot, misions
Kent Yap review Kent Yap
Too OP!!, the enemy is getting worst
August review August
Im on the last lvl [30] and cant figure it out. There is no green marker. I found a key and an open door. But everytime i choose a door it places me back in the yard. Frustrating to make it this far and cant complete.
Blog Police review Blog Police
I have not been allowed any time at all to evaluate this app before you request a 5 star rating, this is a very poor approach & makes me very wary. Bad start chaps, very bad.