Punto Evo Missions,Park,City Simulation APK

Punto Evo Missions,Park,City Simulation
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With the Punto Evo Abarth, we are assertive in the model-specific car games category, because we prove that we are doing the best!

Because the basic and powerful features you can find in this game are as follows: A full-scale large city map and 30 different tracks and missions that you can do in it, Parking mode where you can play and park in 15 different parking modes, a crazy test and entertainment map and free trip mode or even more !

Here we show our difference from other games with models, graphics interface and original content, all designed and drawn by ourselves. What you can do in 30 different big city missions is beyond power, because we thought how to have fun while designing these missions and designed them over and over again.

In the parking mode, we have designed 15 different parking modes, different from each other, from which you can prove yourself to park your car from easy to difficult. Try this mode to find out how much you trust yourself to park your car!

In free excursion mode, we have enabled you to do everything you can in a big city. While making you feel inside the city with the traffic system, we tried to make it as realistic as possible with bridges, highways and street environmental elements.

On the test and entertainment map, jump your car off the ramp, complete the tracks, play basketball by car, play bowling, we have the freedom to do whatever you want.

The graphics are kept at an optimum level and we tried to ensure the fluidity of your phone with 3 different graphic level settings. At the same time, we tried to appeal to you as much as possible with 6 different language options available in the game.

We have added beautiful modified elements to show you in aesthetic areas such as color, license plate and spoiler in car modification options.

We wish you good games.

Punto Evo Missions,Park,City Simulation APK reviews

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Ravi Raj review Ravi Raj
It's a good game and I should also get a car
Eris Qorri review Eris Qorri
Are u serious man? a fiat punto evo ? A fiat punto with RWD? Im waiting next update when u bring to us a mercedes R32 FWD and then I'll give 2 stars to you.
Arpita Panchal review Arpita Panchal
This is really very very very very good game and good controls
Jatin Singh review Jatin Singh
I luv u 2 mmmmmnmmuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
I like this Game very very much
Zejd Muharemovic review Zejd Muharemovic
Bad, bad...
Nande Nyezi review Nande Nyezi
Nice game
Yogesh Sharma review Yogesh Sharma
Pop g
A Google user review A Google user
Worst graphics
Agon Shoshi Tv review Agon Shoshi Tv
Datta Giri review Datta Giri
Pratik Harad review Pratik Harad