Purify – Speed & Battery Saver APK

Purify – Speed & Battery Saver
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Purify optimizes your phone’s battery life and speed up your android device by terminating frequently auto-start apps smartly. It’s completely free to use.

How can Purify improve battery life?

Many third party apps claim that they can save your phone’s battery, but what makes Purify stand out?

Purify Battery Saver

Purify Battery Saver Smart Save detects your battery life and adjusts the battery-consuming settings accordingly such as your screen brightness. In addition, you can manually switch over from Save Mode to Super Save when your phone’s battery is draining fast.

In addition, we have programmed a complete set of rules to control what apps and when should they be terminated to fully optimize your battery life. These rules are kept in the cloud and updated frequently to fit every individual user requirements.

How do I know whether my phone needs optimization?

On Purify’s dashboard, we provide a mobile score to indicate your phone’s running performance. If your mobile score is too low, you may want to tap onto one-click to see improvements instantly.

Furthermore, if you are fed up of tapping the one-click button from time to time, you can enable Auto Purify under the settings and Purify will still be running in the background, terminating apps whenever necessary.

What other benefits do I have when using Purify?

Purify Apk is able to help you archive all your notifications in batches, making your notifications bar look organized and neat.

Try Purify today to optimize your Android phone, save battery, speed up your android and remove unwanted bloatware. If you have any feedbacks, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

*This app uses Accessibility services. Accessibility Service permission is enabling to clean up background processes and archive notifications from notification bar automatically.

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We only publish Purify Apk on Google Play, and our only official website is https://purifyapps.com If you find another different package on a different site, please DO NOT download. You may kindly report spam to our mail address [email protected]

Thank you.

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Purify – Speed & Battery Saver APK reviews

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Robert Aflleje review Robert Aflleje
This app wont b.s. you with it's name, it definitely purified my phone! And it is now running much smoother after removing all that bloatware that came preinstalled. Thanks Purify!!! :-)
Thomas Godlewski review Thomas Godlewski
Battery saver
Auto kills apps and saves on battery best app out there by far.
Jitendra Suthar review Jitendra Suthar
Best working to mobile speed but some app can stop.
Muhammad sharifuddin review Muhammad sharifuddin
Samsung Mega 2
Good app,But Sometimes My Phone Auto Reboot Why.?
Johannes Saaymans review Johannes Saaymans
Great additions guys! My RMN 3 isn't even rooted yet purifier is working a treat. Just fixed my battery with the added battery fixer, cool!
James Friend review James Friend
I wish the auto mode would be enabled when I have a passcode for my lockscreen. Would rate five stars.
Mohammad Rezwan Mahmud review Mohammad Rezwan Mahmud
Super fast. But reboot sometimes in Sony Xperia M dual. Plz fix it
Chris Joshua review Chris Joshua
It works great if your phone overheats
Davidson Cayat review Davidson Cayat
Charge boost shows up even if I don't want it.
Kyme Hellman review Kyme Hellman
My only complaint is it only tells you the standby time. It would be nice if Purify had a estimated time if you where to run your phone outside of standby time.
Joseph Liptak review Joseph Liptak
The best
No need to try others
Zetta Akhtar Amran review Zetta Akhtar Amran
Good application free my handphone lag and save battery..
Love it
Its very easy to use it
Osas Agues review Osas Agues
The best mobile cleaner and battery saver ever
YoSoy Pleyadiano review YoSoy Pleyadiano
Done to work very well.
Perfect. It is fast, simple and efficient. All in one app.