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James Gates review James Gates
Best game I have found in a long time! Only 2 reasons I didn't give it 5 stars: 1.) It needs to lower the regeneration rate, 3min for 1 point is waaay too long. I could see 1min/1pt.. 2.) There should be more ways to obtain the stronger monsters. Having so many only be avaible by spending gems is really just the developer being completely money hungry and that is really a disappoitment.. make a set of dungeons(avaible for onetime purchase) that have those rare egg machine exclusive monsters..
Peter Migo review Peter Migo
I downloaded the game on my Samsung sm-t280 and every time I try press yes on terms of service it closes on me what is going cause I did the update on my tablet please fix this problem with the game. Today is October 12 I tried to play the game but the problem still persists and is not fixed please try and have this checked out
Nik Klassen review Nik Klassen
This is a really fun game. I thought it was just a time waster when I first downloaded it but soon realized there's a lot of depth and strategy to it. Definitely not pay to play, although the in game currency (stones) is fairly necessary. However, the developers distribute these fairly frequently during almost continual events, and I've never been lacking (currently rank 180). Highly recommend, super addicting! Look into getting started guides to maximize early progress.
Clayton Ashley review Clayton Ashley
Been playing for a year now still not bored other than getting gold eggs from the rare egg machine being pretty difficult I have no complaints about it. Lots of fun
Baldwin Huang review Baldwin Huang
I was a PAD player for 4 years. The gameplay was ingenious and the game developed and grew over the years. As f2p GungHo provides generously. Recently, however, PAD stopped innovating and evolving. The gameplay became a scaling of numbers and not creative game design. Limit caps kept being increased in order to keep up with the enemies. Losing the its strength in gameplay, PAD cannot compete with the newer games that have great gameplay and also voice acting, fresh user interface and better art.
Larry The Skater review Larry The Skater
Im obsessed no lie. Whenever i get a notification about my stamina being full, I always stop what I'm doing and go straight to PAD. It's so addicting playing this game (Only because I'm so good) The only thing I don't like about this game is that it takes up so much space, other than that the game is fun
Patrice Pilgrim review Patrice Pilgrim
It won't let me accept the tos
I have had this game on my previous tablets and thought that I would download it on this one as well. I read through the tos and when I try to hit accept the tos it just boots me out. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it was still not letting me accept the tos. Please help me as I really like the game.
Carlos Bisonó review Carlos Bisonó
I've playing for almost two years now, it is a really entertaining game with constant flow of new events, dungeons and monsters. That keeps the game interesting for me. My only complaint is the time that it takes to be compatible with the OS updates on Android phones. As for now, I've been waiting for a month to play the game against since I updated to Android 8.1.0. I hope you guys can take care of that soon and be more aware of this situation in the future.
A Google User review A Google User
Best game!
I played panda pop , candy crush and all the other games but this beats them all! I have 5 gods so far! Many more to come! Everyone should definitely play this!
ryan hughes review ryan hughes
Needs more fun stuff!
This game is a lot of fun and there is so much to do but I think that you need to have better ways to obtain monster points. It's really hard to get them when you don't have so many good creatures. I think you should be able to purchase monster points, it's a better way to make money. Also America needs pad radar, it would be amazing to have that here and with the recent success of Pokemon go, personally I think it a good investment.
Myfi Southern review Myfi Southern
In the past few updates, it has started crashing when i try to close it, but since I'm trying to close it anyways it's not such a big deal.
Mark Draper review Mark Draper
Never dull... Always trying to build your team to get better and stronger. Also, as a beginner the terms and PAD (that's Puzzle and Dragons) strategy can be a bit overwhelming because there is so much information and so much depth to the game. However all the seasoned what I would call pro's are extremely helpful and it seems the PAD community is very tight knit and always willing to help answer any questions.
Ricky Gutierrez review Ricky Gutierrez
I cant get into my account
I accidentally deleted the app and then redownloaded the app and now i cant get in due to the fact i need a migration code. I want my account back because i really like the app.
Patrick Woody review Patrick Woody
Really fun, doesn't cheat you.
The biggest selling point to me is that this "freemium" game gives out its premium currency like it's linked to baldness or something. The gameplay itself is a unique take on match 3 gameplay that one can either approach completely casually and as a way to kill a few minutes or get completely immersed in the meta and building the strongest team possible. Whichever you prefer, both are equally available to everyone, completely for free.
Noe Toyoda review Noe Toyoda
Dragons impossible to defeat
Most of the dragons are impossible to defeat at the special dungeon and wasted 15 STA ! I couldn't even defeat the first dragon with my very rare dragons! Everything else was pretty awesome but please fix it and I'll rate you 5 stars!