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Free QR Code Scanner
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QR Code & Barcode Scanner for android is the fastest scanner.
• QR code Reader.
• Barcode Scanner.
• Flashlight supported for low-light environments.
• Wifi QR code supported , auto connect to Wifi hotspot without password.
• Create QR code and could save to Gallery/Album
• Scan history saved
• Simple & easy to Use

It's not only a QR code scanner, but also a QR code generator/QR generator.
It can read all types including text, url, product, contact, ISBN, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.
After scan and automatic decoding, user is provided with only the relevant options for individual type and can take appropriate action.
QR Code & Barcode Scanner is the best QR code scanner / QR scanner / QR reader / barcode scanner / barcode reader!
Free barcode scanner app!

If you have some problems, you could contact us by email '[email protected]'. Please explain the issue in detail. We will reply you ASAP. :-)

Free QR Code Scanner APK reviews

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Jay Sanders review Jay Sanders
Worst app I have downloaded for my phone. Throws up ads even when application is closed. Had to rescan 3 times because it kept switching to an ad before I had moved phone imto correct position to scan the qr code.
Håvard Guttormsen review Håvard Guttormsen
Worst WE app ever. The ads comes up all the the time. Whenever You try to scan or go to trust when it finally manages to scan a code.
Sid Estay review Sid Estay
How long is this thing going to take before it does something? It's been scanning for 5 minutes straight
Wilson Massey review Wilson Massey
New India Assurance Co Ltd
Policies and information about all
sunil kumar review sunil kumar
Dave Buckman review Dave Buckman
I love how fast downloads are with this app..... music is done in mere seconds where as larger files take less than 10 mins..... good job ☺
Tostillos Gaming review Tostillos Gaming
Just because I didn't give a five star rating it crashed and it doesn't work anymore. Take this L
King Kieran O review King Kieran O
Didn't work
Gaming WithRaph review Gaming WithRaph
Neat need it for shcool
Tomas Ortega review Tomas Ortega
I hate it
sundar joseph review sundar joseph
It would better if qr code is saved in gallery after creating qr.
Tyler Barking review Tyler Barking
It only worked on one thing in my room
I think it is amazing because it helps with my homework and for school. It really helps for social studies too.
Charles Allison review Charles Allison
It's weird I'll get used to it
Harold Wegner review Harold Wegner