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Qsync for Android

- Android 4.0+ or later
- A QNAP NAS running QTS 4.2.0 or later and Qsync Central

Qsync lets you access your Qsync folder from your Android device, edit offline, and sync files back to the NAS. Access important files anytime, anywhere!

The main features of Qsync:

- Easy Access: Move, copy, rename, and delete files in your Qsync folder, or from other shared folders on your NAS. Computers, cellphones and tablets can all see the same files.

- Offline file editing: Download files from the NAS to your Android device, and then edit them with no internet connection. Offline files can be automatically synced with the NAS when your Android device is charging or connected to Wi-Fi.

- Sync files to the NAS: Automatically upload files from any local Android folder to the NAS. Important data is always backed up and available.

- Easy sharing: Create a link to a file, and then share it with your colleagues using Email, SMS, or another app such as Whatsapp, LINE, or Wechat. You can also share a Qsync team folder for collaboration using multiple files.

- Multimedia Playback: Qsync can stream music, videos, and photos directly from your NAS. No need to worry about the storage space of your phone or tablet.

Qsync APK reviews

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Arnault Grimald review Arnault Grimald
OK globally but since last update, offline file are not accessible anymore while offline!!! When you click on offline, no file anorexia but when you go back To online and seek for the concerned files, the offline option is activated... It used to work :( please correct that!
Ondřej Čečák review Ondřej Čečák
Not sure why, but after a updates, traveling, not really watching it closely, syncing got broken. Once I've reconnected sync app with NAS, it deleted my old pictures. :(
Jose Salce review Jose Salce
I think every household should have a NAS. This app makes a snap to keep a backup of your priceless files (photos) to you QNAS NAS. Since I have several devices, I would like to be able to select a specific location on my NAS to backup files for each device. I have it on manual, since in one occasion it almost drained the battery when trying to sync while the NAS was offline. I think several of the QNAP apps (Qfile, Qsync & Qmanager) could be blend together to create one app, since they have some overlapping features.
panzerfaust375 review panzerfaust375
I changed my review to 2 stars. It works but I can't change the destination folder so if I sync multiple phones they all get mixed up into the same folder. Refuses to save into a different subfolder. Get concept but so buggy. For so much options and features control is so limited. Eg. Can't change save folders.
Michael Brown review Michael Brown
Cleverly designed to flatten your batteries while connected to any network it can connect to, without your knowledge. Once again a very poor attempt by QNAP to create an android app.
Swee Heng Cheah review Swee Heng Cheah
Hate it. Disconnect and unable to reconnect. Useless if you cannot even connect.
Jean François Queralt review Jean François Queralt
Pointless app. It can't even sync, it won't store offline files... nothing. What was this thing supposed to solve?
Jonathan Phillips review Jonathan Phillips
How do I stop the phone from deleting files on the NAS. I want it to automatically upload files from my phone, but not delete them from the NAS when I free up space on my phone. At the moment it seems if I delete the file from my phone it deletes it on the NAS, that's not what I want :(
Ageel Assif review Ageel Assif
Deleted a folder by mistake thinking it will not delete it on my mobile
William Wook Kweon review William Wook Kweon
Hi Can you please remove synchronizing pop up please after i took picture or connect to wifi i can't use keyboard really really annoying.
Fre H review Fre H
I did not find an option to sync subfolders only. (aka selective sync)
Artem Baguinski review Artem Baguinski
Only uploads from the phone to Nas, not other way around
Wang Lee review Wang Lee
Looking into all the app permissions
Good app
Kieran Stafford review Kieran Stafford
This app destroys your battery. I installed it, that night I went to bed. Next morning I was late for work cos my phone had run out of battery during the night. First time my phone ever ran out of power. You can literally see thew power draining out of the phone. Qnap, can you address this issue please. If you sort this issue, this has the potential to be great. For now I had to uninstall it.