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Butti Bushlaibi review Butti Bushlaibi
Great for backing up your "nonpersonal" photos and videos
One issue only, I can't select which folders to backup, how can I do that?
Yunus Abdulhaleem review Yunus Abdulhaleem
Everything I wanted !!
PERFECT. Especially the share button cos I can't stream whatever pic/video to a device (using another app). I like this waay better than the default phone gallery ✅
Bennett Todd review Bennett Todd
Used to be very good, now abusive
No way I'm going to try to convince friends to install software from these folks.
A Google User review A Google User
Used to be among the best apps out there
Now it's a bloated piece of crap. Too many permissions, too many unnecessary functions, too show to run. I'm uninstalling it now and get back to a 2 year old backup copy. Bye-bye greedy stupid developers!
fer wibowo review fer wibowo
Google photos
Please add google photos cloud backup
Ramon Guerra review Ramon Guerra
Dear lord
It was a great app until you guys fulfil with unnecessary features. Uninstalling soon.
John Smith review John Smith
Used to be great.
Installed QuickPic on my latest phone, Galaxy S5. Attempts to delete apps from the native camera folder, are unsuccessful. Photos that have been deleted, by other apps, still show in the gallery. Latest update opens with a full page SPAM message, from CM, wanting you to sign up for a CM account. So much for the assurances of no adds...
Mark James review Mark James
What made QuickPic great was how lightweight the app was and focused it was on the job that it did. It had just the right amount of features, but over time the app has gotten bigger and more and more features are creeping in. This was my go to gallery app, but not for much longer at this rate.
Kyle Zimmerman review Kyle Zimmerman
Latest Update Ruined It
This has been my favorite image viewer for years. It's followed me through 4 phones, but after this update I won't be using it. Time to find something else I guess.
AK Bowman review AK Bowman
Nope! From 5 stars to 2
I have enough cm apps on my devices...I don't need any more.
Nathan Voisine review Nathan Voisine
Been using for years... EDIT :(
This app uses to be the best gallery app... Unfortunately CM has taken over and is adding lots of bloat, and causing users extra steps to keep what little minimalism is left. BAD MOVE CM. Make your crap an option, not something pushed on the user!
Scott Mankins review Scott Mankins
I guess I have to uninstall this now. Cheetah Mobile made Clean Master intolerable and they have already started to bloat this app now.
Eric Leonardo review Eric Leonardo
I want clean quickpic back
Can I revert to older version please? This app just lost its selling point.
Yasin Aydin review Yasin Aydin
Best one out there
Reading the numerous one star reviews since Cheetah bought the app I'm quite puzzled. People seem to be going by what some articles have said and are blindly repeating it. I have seen no slow down since the updates and I haven't come across a single new feature that I'd say is pointless. Try this before you listen to the silly one star reviews.
A Google User review A Google User
New changes are very welcome.
Should be the default gallery on every phone. Beautifully simplistic and incredibly fast app. Well done. Loving the new cloud integration! 5TB of photo storage for free. Also the auto-backup to other cloud drives is fantastic, currently have my pictures getting automatically sent to Quick pic cloud and my photos and videos getting sent simultaneously to OneDrive for access on my computer.