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Quran for Android is a free Quran application for Android devices. There are many features under development. Please send us your feedback and feature requests and keep us in your prayers!

Quran for Android provides the following features:
- crystal clear Madani compliant images.
- gapless audio playback
- ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing
- over 15 audio recitations are available with highlighting support (tap the screen for to get the audio toolbar).
- search
- night mode
- customizable audio repeat
- translations / tafsir in over 20 different languages, with more coming soon.

We are open to hearing your suggestions to make Quran for Android the best Quran application for Android.

Quran for Android APK reviews

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Muhammad Bilal review Muhammad Bilal
Some mistakes in ayat
Surah mulk ayat 18. Its mentioned AMAMINTUM...CORRECT IS AAMINTUM. ITS CORRECT in TRANSLATION PAGE. Some similar mistakes i observed in other surah. I can share it. I hve been using this app for long time. Its nice as user but please recheck all ayats and upload with correction ASAP.
Multi Thinker review Multi Thinker
verse 4:6 is missing ara'ab most of the time when i compare the verse of your app with online quran and i search about this verse i found ara'abs are missing, please fix the issue its not only in 4:6 its mostly found everywhere.. on the meantime i've to move to another Quran App.
mohammad bahrami review mohammad bahrami
Hi . it,s Perfect app. Please add daily remainder of reading Quran and Kahf reminder in Friday day for this apps. Please see Holy Quran app. جزاک الله خیرا کثیرا
Deni Ardian review Deni Ardian
Need 1 more improvement..
I only need one more improvement, jump to ayah will be more helpful if it is completed with numeric type field, not only scroll down menu. Honestly, scrolling down to hundreds ayah is bothering and slowing me down. Thanks.
Ihab El-Hemaidi review Ihab El-Hemaidi
Excellent app
I have been using it for 4 years and have noticed the great improvements over the years. Keep the good work. The only thing tafseer tabari طبري difficult to follow as the comments that are supposed to be in the margins got mixed up with the text. Which makes very difficult to follow.
Yahya Al Fanaan review Yahya Al Fanaan
Great free app
Overall is very good , but it has a huge drawback , it takes way to much data if you don't have Wi-Fi access to download surah's .wish I could have got them all in one shot. As it stands it will take me a while . Also would love it if you add a recitation preview so we can choose the recitation that we are comfortable with. May Allah reward you for you efforts.
Abdullah Al-wadeiah review Abdullah Al-wadeiah
Cannot download al-qalam
I cannot download the audio file for surat al-qalam for any of the reciters. Whenever I do it it says that the "Required Files" were downloaded but I cannot get any audio. So far I've tried deleting and downloading the files again, and I've reinstalled the app none of which worked. Please fix this problem.
Ahmad Ramadan review Ahmad Ramadan
Alhamdulillah. Such a nice app. May Allah bless you. But I hope you guys will add zoom effect because it's not that easy for older people to read. Please add this effect asap.. thank you so much :)
meriterious monster review meriterious monster
Love it
It's really good cause we don't need to take Quran from mosque at the day of jumaa we can read from our mobile
Romaana K review Romaana K
The best app I have every downloaded
This app has allowed me to listen to the Quran whenever I wish with the choice of many scholar voices, and read the translation in several languages. I strongly recommend this app as you don't need internet to listen once you have downloaded! May Allah reward those who have put an effort towards this app, reward them immensley for all the contributions, grant them the highest rank in jannah and allow this dua to be with them on the day of resurrection. Ameen.
Adnan Khalifeh review Adnan Khalifeh
Mashaa allah
I am so pleased with this app but i really need you to add the reciter ( hafiz danish) if you can this app will the best for me
Ratna Fitri Rangkuti review Ratna Fitri Rangkuti
The best Quran app
Some surah names has been changed. Al Mu'meen to Ghafir, Haa Miim Sajdah to Fussilat (both in juz 24). It is unfamiliar for me. Tho however it's still my best quran. Beautiful text. Able to be read offline if u download basic data. And i love to download translation in my native language (Bahasa indonesia). The best is that i can download my favorite qori' (mishary al-afasy) and play it while the verse being read is highlighted! Therefore i can watch what that verse means in Bahasa! Thats beautiful....
Muhamad Zamroni review Muhamad Zamroni
I like it, but need more improvement
It would be best if the developer add some user account, so the ayah bookmark can be synced accross devices. And there are some typos in Indonesian translation. Please fix it, thank you
Jani R review Jani R
No surah HaMeem AsSajda in 24 juz. Just deleted the app. Please correct it asap and plz also include indo Pak fonts
Best quran app
I downloaded more than ten quran apps ,I ended up deleting all of them and kept this one .