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Quran for Android is a free Quran application for Android devices. There are many features under development. Please send us your feedback and feature requests and keep us in your prayers!

Quran for Android provides the following features:
- crystal clear Madani compliant images.
- gapless audio playback
- ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing
- over 15 audio recitations are available with highlighting support (tap the screen for to get the audio toolbar).
- search
- night mode
- customizable audio repeat
- translations / tafsir in over 20 different languages, with more coming soon.

We are open to hearing your suggestions to make Quran for Android the best Quran application for Android.

Quran for Android APK reviews

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It's not a bad app but also not a excellent app.Need some correction in it.waqafs are very important to pronouncing of quran.but in this app,all are important waqafs are missing in the end of ayah.so,I face many problem to read this quran.I think,u should fix it quickly.if u fix it,I will give 5 star for this app.
Fahdil A Hazain review Fahdil A Hazain
Perfect, but i dont like the file also detected as music. I think it is better to you, by masking the file extension to be other than wav, mp3 or any music. You can put new extension such .qrn or .mrt or anything, so it is not included into our music player. I just dont like sometime when i play a mozart, and just after it we hear an Ayat randomly. My above compliant has been fix. Nice
VERY URGENT PLEASE!!! Please add Tafsir Ibn Kathir in English. I have been looking everywhere for a Quran app with English Tafsir, but have been unable to find one. Other than that this is THE BEST Quran app on the Playstore.
This is the Best quran app.. Nice design and does its job and im truly thankful for the creators of this app.... The ppl who made this app didnt put ads in it God Bless them
Dounia Manna review Dounia Manna
I have nothing but good things to say about this app. JazakumAllahu khairan. May Allah reward the efforts put into this app.
Samer Bakr review Samer Bakr
Need coloured signs, for tajweed rules. And the audio files for surat al nabaa (first surah in the last chapter) need to be updated because they are not clear and good.
TheShinyLunatone 396 review TheShinyLunatone 396
It used to be better but its really hard to tell what Ayat I'm in. Pls go back to highlighting thr letters and not the whole block. It's impossible to tell what ayat it is on in nightmode
<span dir=عياد محمد review"> عياد محمد
اللهم اجزي كل من ساعد في تطوير هذا البرنامج الرائع المتكامل خير الجزاء واجعل له ثواب مثل ثواب من قرأ فيه او فسر منه ايه او استمع منه يا مجيب الدعاء
Yousef Sadiq review Yousef Sadiq
جزاكم الله خيرا التطبيق رائع هل يمكن إضافة صوت المقريء الشيخ أنس العمادي لو سمحتم.
now we dont have any excuse to not read this holy quran
Hafiza Daud review Hafiza Daud
This is very useful, simple and easy quran apps. May Allah bless everybody who involved in building this apps fid dunia wal akhirah. How ever i like the old version. I hope u can change this version to the old one. This version, i cannot copy the ayah and the translation together, have to copy ayah first , then only copy the translation. if u one to upgrade plz make that we can copy more ayah and the translation together. another thing .. for the number of surah and ayah in the translation mode... I am very much like the old version also.
Kibwana Zamani review Kibwana Zamani
I like the gapless audio and the easy to use interface. This is the best Quran app I've used. May Allah reward you abundantly. Please improve on the audio download manager. It requires a lot of effort on slow or unstable networks. I wish you could make it detect connection and resume download automatically. Please also consider including audio for Sheikh Abdullah Awadh Al-Juhanee.
Dhery Sumadi review Dhery Sumadi
It's excellent. May Allah bless the developer. There are some matters (in my opinion) that make me inconvenience and need improvement: 1. The black box of translation covers up some lines of ayat in the bottom of page, so please make it can be resized and/or translucent and/or the page of uran can be scroll until the end of page above the black box of translation in order I can still read the ayat. 2..Need word by word meanings, asbabul nuzul, and tafseer in Bahasa Indonesia. It will be a perfect quran app.
I've loved this app for ages. You used to get so many good deeds from it being easy to copy and paste the verses. But now since the latest update when I hold down to highlight the verses it doesn't work and it's really sad. Maybe there's a new way but now I can't share the verses and may need to look for another app.
Ramin Azizli review Ramin Azizli
One word: Awesome!
The excellent program which contains various of best translations into different languages with regular updates. Jazaka Allahu xayral-jaza for it. I think this is the best choice in Play market. But one comment: Is it possible for you to make translations searchable as well?