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Mukarram Shahzad review Mukarram Shahzad
Ads Galore
Chill out with the ads fam. No need to be that greedy. You don't need that many ads. The app itself is OK, very relaxing driving experience. Not challenging really. Good time waster. Worth the DL if you can survive the ads. I personally will delete and try again in a few months. If ads are gone, or less, I might keep it.
Aditya Patki review Aditya Patki
Please implement below suggestions to make it better
1) other cars should change lanes 2) provide controls with analog settings as well not just tilting the phone which is currently 3) regarding points given should be on cumulative basis - for consecutive close overtakes points should be in increasing manner , current point awarding structure makes it impossible to unlock new achievements 4) provide a two way traffic as well ,currently its just one way which becomes monotonous after playing for some time 5)automatic acceleration and traffic density preference
Abdul Mutayyib review Abdul Mutayyib
Good game but can be a lot better.
The game feels too easy to play. It would be challenging if other cars changed lanes randomly. Also it would be good to see more collection of cars. The graphics are okay but can be better like the speedometer doesn't actually work, we can't see the reflection in the mirrors etc.
Clay Gofford review Clay Gofford
Its fun but it would be better if there were more cars, and you could unlock them instead of buy them. Same with the levels.
Aditya Nanda review Aditya Nanda
Nice game
Would like to see some more cars n improvements.
Asad Shabbir review Asad Shabbir
More cars
I liked the game but can you please give more cars
adam kaderbhai review adam kaderbhai
this game i think gonna make me learn driving this game is perfect game never seen this type of wonderful game in my life hahahahahaha thanks the maker of this game you are perfect director games just keep it up like that this game is i am gonna give this game 100 out of 100 thnks
Aaliyah Washington review Aaliyah Washington
It's okay
This game is cool but although i don't know how to go to the other side i keep on bumping into cars and it's just kind of bad for me. But it's okay!
Maria Arellano review Maria Arellano
ts a great app don't get me wrong,but it has way too many adds
About how I loved it
I love this game its totally fun like you no what I'm talking about?????????????
Sophia Maung review Sophia Maung
LOVE THIS GAME but you should put in a multiplayer mode??
Sai Teja Regu review Sai Teja Regu
Gud game and good grafics and adds is only the problem
ayush mishra review ayush mishra
Cool games
Nice to play
Archie Campbell review Archie Campbell
It is so so good
Anees Rehman review Anees Rehman
Good Game