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Think you have the skills to handle legendary cars from the Fast & Furious franchise? Compete with infamous classics from Dom’s Charger R/T to Letty’s C2 Corvette from The Fate of the Furious, the newest chapter in the Fast & Furious saga.

Jump behind the wheel and risk your ride as you challenge drivers around the world. True real-time racing at your finger tips. Racing Rivals lets you challenge or be challenged by live opponents in game lobbies with feature race replays and live chat.

Back your bets with skill unless you're prepared to lose cash - or your car! The stakes are high and the risk is real. Can you handle it?

Assemble your crew and dominate the Turf! Race in weekly competitions to control cities, earn gems, and bonuses for your team! Exclusive Prizes means cars no one else can buy, wrapped in livery no one else has seen.

Racing Rivals has the biggest collection of licensed cars ranging from tuners and exotics to classic American muscle. Featured brands include McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevrolet, RWB, Pagani, BMW, Honda, SRT and Ferrari with more added all the time!

Find the optimal tune for your car with hundreds performance parts in thousands of combinations - everything from air filters to crankshafts will impact your car's performance. Up your game by adding NOS, a supercharger or turbo, custom rims from the biggest players like Volk Racing, Pacer, and SSR, plus real world tires from Nitto!

High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

Fast & Furious, The Fate of the Furious and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Universal Studios. © 2017 Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

IMPORTANT: Racing Rivals requires an internet connection to play, Android 4.0.4 or higher and 512MB of ram (Android 4.x, 1 GB of ram recommended)

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- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
- This game is not intended for children.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- A network connection is required to play.
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- If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

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Racing Rivals APK reviews

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Marc Frank review Marc Frank
Dont do the special offers
So i had this game at a 5 star... But now im only giving a 1 due to the fact that i have done more than plenty of offers that are either free or ones you have to sign up for things. Only some of these offers will work and some you need to wait for to receive. So all of the ones you have to sign up for or pay for credit reports or whatever it is i have done and have never recieved the gems for completing them... So i recommend you don't play this game or use your own money for buying gems directly ...
Jonathan Gray review Jonathan Gray
No gems
I have done over 12 offers and have not received any gems for them, ALL have been verifying for almost a month. Please give me the gems I have earned for my time and effort. But overall Racing rivals is a very fun game, I would recommend it to others. But, I did what the offers said and didn't get my reward that I spent time working for. All of the offers say they are still verifing, but I don't think it takes over a month to verify. Thanks for your time and effort that you guys put into this game though.
Cybrexia review Cybrexia
Loved it buuut
Literally best game out there.. besides when my data drops it wont load at all pleeeeease fix this..and may I add please add support to trades.... I got an idea that everyone can agree with... hear me out on this... Add a bar to a players name that says trade, once clicked your cars will pop up. Other player puts in a car and trade done but they cant put in a random car to scam you... they have to accept it once done............ I COULD GUARANTEE AN UP IN RATINGS DRAMASTICALLY
Zach Heiner review Zach Heiner
Fun but customer service sucks!
The point of the game is to win as many cars as you can. You work on making your cars fast enough to pinks people, only to have them light lag (glitch) the game out and lose your cars. Glu doesn't care their game is flawed so you won't get it back.
Kevin Velez review Kevin Velez
For starter I can't watch a video to save my own life, it crashes seconds after I watch a video, so I reload the game. After that the screen turns black and the letters get blurry or no words just white blocks. Game has potential, and the cars are great. Fix this game please!
Juan Perez review Juan Perez
Update 6.0 suckss
This game was completely fine with the graphics it had before. The game lags alot more I don't want to pinks anymore because of all the lag I get in races. 6.0 update would have been better off with just new show room cars. Please change the graphics and setup back
jaco kruger review jaco kruger
Best ever before the new update!!
Played this game for 3 years! Was the best game, mastered all tunes en had vintage cars.. new update lack can'T even get a launch right and without a perfect launch your screwed. So yeah thanks for that i can now delete the game after spending thousands!!!
Alvaro Mendoza review Alvaro Mendoza
New 6.0 update is garbage
Wtf were ya thinking releasing this new 6.0 update. Its so much garbage. Should fire whoever approved this. Graphics suckk. Game lags more than ever. Cars changed. And whats up with this new global chat? Thats a HORRIBLE idea. Been playing for years. But ya truly fucckked the game up this time
Talat Mahmood review Talat Mahmood
What the heck is this ! A global chat !!! The idea seriously sucks !! Which idiot gave this idea to u??? We can't even talk or try to join their talk ! May god blast you! LOL And my mobile crashed after this idiot update ... The graphics are poor .. The cars are dead .. The text is difficult to read .. And the races are different .. H8 THIS GAME
Miti Pavlov review Miti Pavlov
It was the best game before last update! Now the graphics are awful,it laggs so much even with overclocked cpu and gpu,the colors are awful..please return old version or repair 6.0 cause its full with bugs
Kai Hofsommer review Kai Hofsommer
updates sucks
Was a great game. you fcked up the graphics, Shity shity shity ,got find a new Game sorry I've wasted so much on this game now Fck you GLU
casey griffin review casey griffin
Anyone home
I have spent real money and real time in this game. Today I lost my main account due to your join google reward from the sponsor in game. I have submitted a request to restore my racer to my goggle play account since it overrides my facebook account. I have heard it takes you all up to two weeks to reply. I sure hope not. I really dont want to call my credit card company and have the charges reversed. I just want some help since I cant get live customer support on the phone. Sincerely, DADDYTRUCK
Haziq Nfs review Haziq Nfs
The new update stuck at loading garage..uninstall and install it again nothing happen fix it..
pj grobler review pj grobler
More cars, more race rewards and more campaigns
I've been playing RR for quite some time now but the cars remain the same. No updates nothing. Please raise the daily race amount and raise the money you receive for a race. Guys please send out an update with more cars that can be bought with cash. The game does not give enough diamonds to buy some of the cars. I'll rate ot 5 but you need to tweak the game. We need more money and more cars. Then its a 5 star game.
Robert Rohmer review Robert Rohmer
Wish when u Hit the gas the car actually revs instead of just sound. And maybe change multi player race instead of the same street we've been racing on for the last 4 years. Besides turf. Locations. And maybe add more options for headlights and under glow besides 1 of each in the customs menu. For racing Rival cash. I don't always have crates to fall back on. Besides performance.