Radar Go (Find Pokemon & Raid GYM Map) APK

Radar Go (Find Pokemon & Raid GYM Map)
Radar Go (Find Pokemon & Raid GYM Map) screenshot 1Radar Go (Find Pokemon & Raid GYM Map) screenshot 2
Help to find strongest Pokemon
** Currently Taiwan and Hong Kong only !!

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Radar Go (Find Pokemon & Raid GYM Map) APK reviews

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Farhan Latif review Farhan Latif
We can find pokemon
Y C Tham review Y C Tham
Great but seldom use, cos I catch them all. Nvr had great IV poke
goh zhongsian review goh zhongsian
Great app, tells you the location of gyms, Pokemon, and raids. And when minified, the rarest pokemon/raid boss will be shown instead of ordinary bosses or pokemon
Seth Chien review Seth Chien
Great app!It has everything I'm looking for
Georges Bogaert review Georges Bogaert
best of the best app. found so many super rare ones in such a short time
Coby Chan review Coby Chan
Not supported in many areas !
Yuk Wo LAM review Yuk Wo LAM
Reggie Labi review Reggie Labi
Simply the best
James Lo review James Lo
You can see lots of Pokemon and see the Pokemons that you want to catch.and it will tell you how many minutes it will stay.
Alvin C review Alvin C
The best pokemap out of all that I had tried.
Willie333b review Willie333b
Hope for the raid boss and gym Pokémon movesets.
Joseph Chong review Joseph Chong
Not work
idros alkimtiani review idros alkimtiani
Iwan Hendra Leonardus review Iwan Hendra Leonardus
Jaedon Mar review Jaedon Mar
Only shows Pokémon near your area. Please increase the range