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5.0.1-40182 · Limoni Audio Sounds

Nature Sounds for sleep, deep relaxation, meditation and relax. Free download.

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Offers Free
Version 5.0.1-40182
Developer Limoni Audio Sounds
Category Apps, Medical
ID com.zdn35.music.songs.audio.rainsoundssleeprelax
Requirements 5.0 and up

Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax 5.0.1-40182 APK description

The rain with thunder sounds and relaxing music have beneficial effects on the body and soothing the mind by covering the external environment noise, promote relaxation and help in different occasions: for better sleep, to concentrate in work, study or reading,.

Large collection of relaxing rain. Over 35 rain sounds (free and HD) mixable with thunders and music in order to reach a state of complete relaxation.

Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax poster
Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax latest version

Our free application contains the following sounds:

💧 Gentle Night Rain.
💧 Rain Sound and Thunder.
💧 Rain on a Tent.
💧 Rain Sleep Sounds.
💧 Tropical Rain.
💧 Gentle Rain.
💧 Rain and American Flutes.
💧 Rain for Relax.
💧 Thunderstorm Sounds.
💧 Rain and Fireplace.

Close your eyes, put on the headphones and choose one of the natural sounds and relax or sleep better.

Our app has the following features:

☂ Work offline. You don’t need internet connection.
☂ Absolutely free.
☂ You could remove ads for extra money.
☂ High quality nature sounds.
☂ Amazing HD background pictures.
☂ Control playback from the lock screen or notifications menu.
☂ This has a sleep timer. Only set the timer for 30 minutes and you always asleep before the timer goes off.
☂ Play sounds in background.
☂ Mute on incoming calls.
☂ Free for download mp3 files.
☂ Individual volume control
☂ It’s very relaxing!

This rain app is for those who:

❆ Suffering from terrible insomnia.
❆ Want sleep better.
❆ Doing yoga exercises and meditation.
❆ Learn to breath correctly.
❆ Have Tinnitus
❆ Want to get rid of stress and anxiety.
❆ Improve concentration.

You’ve probably heard of white noise, but have do you know about pink noise? You should as it’s getting a lot of attention these days as a potential booster for sleep. Unlike white noise, which gives equal intensity to all frequencies of sound, pink noise creates a balance of high- and low-frequency sounds that mimic many sounds found in nature.

Sound machines and apps for sleep are filled with noises of the woods and the wilderness and there’s a scientific reason that nature sounds induce sleep.
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Latest change log:

This update brings small improvements and bug fixes. Thank you for your positive feedback and reviews. Have a nice day!

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Version Arch OS Updated
5.0.1-40182 (2 variants) Universial Android 6+ 2022-07-27 (2 weeks ago)
5.0.1-40162 (2 variants) Universial Android 6+ 2022-05-22 (2 months ago)
5.0.1-40081 Bundles Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-11-27 (8 months ago)
5.0.1-40132 (5 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-10-29 (9 months ago)


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