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Rally Racer Drift
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You will fill the roads with dust thanks to specially developed car physics and effective drift system for you to feel the real rally experience.

Thanks to the realistically recreated cars for Rally Racer Drift, you will feel the speed and action in your veins.

No need to look for adventure, Rally Racer Drift has a control system which is specialized for the touch screens, drifting is more fun and consistent like never before.

Rally Racer Drift has so many optimizations for low level devices. You will experience the premium quality graphics without compromising performance.

With Rally Racer Drift 1.5 update, you can race and drift on 4 new racing tracks.


Rally Racer Drift APK reviews

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Jacques Louis Mario Chalmers review Jacques Louis Mario Chalmers
Not good enough
The game has very good graphics but somewhere falls into a loop and cannot come out.
Nadim Abou Elias review Nadim Abou Elias
nice game but ...
i changed my phone and re downloaded it and signed in to google and facebook but my cars didnt come back i had all cars
Google User review Google User
Removed after 10 seconds of playing. Graphics are far from what they show on images here. Will not waste time on crap when there are better games out there.
Fakhrul Muslim review Fakhrul Muslim
the graphics are really good, but the controls are weird. since this is a rally game, why there is no handbrake? how do we suppose to drift?
Very fun
The cars and every thing a so graphic and cool ? ? ?
anno636 review anno636
Be warned... if you update this game you lose all won cars ,you need to start again !
Anmol Shukla review Anmol Shukla
I hope the developers actually read this. I have the following thoughts: 1. Loved the game. Absolutely love the way the car bounces on bumps. 2. Introduce more tracks damn it! Love the Alpine and the canyon already, but a human being gets bored. 3. Please Improve the UI. The game looks more attractive that way. This includes pause menu, main menu and all the intermediate ones. 4. Stop mentioning drift points as 'hits' 5. Expansion on type of game modes is possible. Other than that, a brilliant game. Great job!
Truck Mitchell review Truck Mitchell
It's a great Racer but it's let down by watching ads inbetween matches there is no multiplayer online that I see? As I say it's a well thought out physics w achievement on Google's play store but after a few day's it gets repetetive. Sorry hope to try later in year & review again ?☯???
Hayden Cooper review Hayden Cooper
It is a very stupid game iv been doing alot of races and earnt alot of money but wen i went to use it i only had 600 im very disgusted Plese fix thos id very much like my earning back
Nevil Abraham review Nevil Abraham
It's really nice and it's we can play offline . Its graphic is superb I thank 's for the person who made this game. Its sound is crazy like the real rally cars and it's graphic is soon good but I tell u to the director of this game that put some more places here in this game there was only two places but it's really exciting . I don't got bored when I play this. Its really like a shalt extend. Iu know why I excited it's only have 38 my. And it's graphics as like asphalt that have 1.5 gb I very very thank to the maker of this game it's free to play. Wow nice game
Parivartan Fasate review Parivartan Fasate
Need to work on game
Jehov review Jehov
Worst steering even when changed sensitivity. False claims of good graphics! Waste of time!
Dragon Gaming891 review Dragon Gaming891
Finally the new update has come now I'm going to cheat this game Who ever made this game thanks for the new update?
Schooby Doo review Schooby Doo
Very disappointed. What happened to multi player? Thats WHY I loaded it the first time? I lost all my money and my cars with update? Thats not nice!!! Contact me please!
Fakhrul Muslim review Fakhrul Muslim
the graphics are really good, but the controls are weird. since this is a rally game, why there is no handbrake? how do we suppose to drift?