Rapchat: Social Rap Maker, Recording Studio, Beats APK

Rapchat: Social Rap Maker, Recording Studio, Beats
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About Rapchat

Rapchat is the #1 rap app in the GAME! Create, share and discover freestyle raps all from your phone. Rapchat connects you with hundreds of free hip hop beats from upcoming producers and DJs to provide the background to your fire raps!

You can drop a freestyle or use the notepad tool to write a couple rhymes. Once you record your rap, you can share it with friends on the app or via Text, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SoundCloud and more.

Create your own rapper name, setup your Rapchat profile and showcase your hottest raps or save them privately.

There's also a trending chart of the Top Raps and Rappers on the app, so submit your best in order to be featured in front of 100,000's of hip hop fans.

Whether you're a serious upcoming rapper or just looking to battle or have fun, Rapchat brings the studio to your pocket and gives you the platform to create, share and make a name for yourself! Not to mention, we have a handful of established artists like Waka Flocka, Chris Webby, and more on the app who are using Rapchat to drop exclusive freestyles!

What are you waiting for? Step into the rap game and get your bars up!

Who knows? You could be the next top rapper...

• mobile recording studio
• 500+ free beats
• automatically upload to SoundCloud
• share raps on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, IG, and more
• profiles to showcase raps, links to your social accounts, and more
• leaderboards for top raps and rappers
• notepad to record every rhyme
• direct message raps

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Rapchat: Social Rap Maker, Recording Studio, Beats APK reviews

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D I A M Ø N D review D I A M Ø N D
im a little dissapointed at the fact that apple phone are able to to dual raps and I really wanna be able to do that, but I can't since I have a andriod. This app would've been a lot better if it has this feature in android. It would also be better if they divide the beats based on beat. like a happy beat, sad beat, or a mad beat. Please put these at some point because I really wanna to collab with some of my followers but I can't because I have an android.
John-Ben Kenobi review John-Ben Kenobi
App runs better on iPhone, when freestyling can not tell where the song will end. The app also gas issues with loading. Forget it, it feels like Android drew the Short stick.
Daniel Garcia review Daniel Garcia
A lot of Fun BUT......
One it won't allow me to upload a pjic and second,it always displays new notifications even after I look at all the new stuff. And lastly when recording if you go away from the screen(within the app itself) by mistake you can't get back to it so you lose the freestyle all together :( fix these and we can go 5 Star on em'
driu review driu
Mic quality is still bad and hasn't been fixed. Developers don't care about the Android app as much as "#TeamiPhone". Still missing group rap while iPhone version gets new updates. Lazy
Chris Aguero review Chris Aguero
Rapchat let me down
I downloaded rapchat to make diss songs to my friends and it won't load the songs I choose. Any suggestions? I'll rate higher once I can roast my buddies. How do I upload beats?!
Adam Collins review Adam Collins
As everyone can see the RapChat Support Team is responsive trying to get the group raps up. Also, algorithms can be your best friends or worst enemies at times. I don't believe the RapChat Support team is kicking back on their iPhones trying to drop the next hottest song, as soon as the update 3.7.9 comes out for Android and we can collaborate, their will be something else for everyone to complain about. LMAO as for them not caring about Android users, it says
Jae Prez review Jae Prez
Update 1 Surprisingly I was using applications like this but I came across this app and realize this is a great application clean interface customize profiles etc can't wait to see more updates I just can't change my profile picture.
Ethan Furr review Ethan Furr
It's a great app overall, but the one thing they need to add is collabs for Android. It sucks that I can't collab with all these other people because I have an Android. not everyone can afford an Apple. It's a good app this works really well for recording and stuff I recommend it but please add group raps for Android please!!!
James Lewistether review James Lewistether
Good news
It's amazing. Highly recommended.
Devin Sampy review Devin Sampy
App needs more android love... Dual recordings options and maybe effects , more recording time, and auto tune for the future... Also a way to save it to the desktop ... But great app.. Frfr...
Willie Ellis review Willie Ellis
Fun app but the fact that I can't listen to beats while I write kinda kills it for me. Smh... Galaxy S4.
Tanarie Hamilton review Tanarie Hamilton
The best music
I can make the best music I tried to use many other apps but non worked but this one!
Seth Miller review Seth Miller
Best recording studio in the game, beats are fire and an awesome community to go with it
Really good i like it and its fun to use
t 89 review t 89