RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 1RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 2RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 3RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 4RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 5RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 6RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 7RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 8RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 9RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 10RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 11RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 12RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 13RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 14RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 15RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 16RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 17RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER screenshot 18
The globally-acclaimed RC car racing game has evolved into a mobile multiplayer hit!
Numerous stages and modes! Real-time competitions and global Grand Prix!
Try the multiplayer games of the ultimate RC car racing game, Re-Volt 2!

Aim for the world record in a globally-accessed Grand Prix!
Real-time multiplayer mode for up to 4 players!

Formula racers, sports cars, even monster trucks! True RC racing at its best!
Countless skins, performance upgrades, item enhancement, special tunings and more!

Grand Prix records! Coins, cash items and more are for the taking!
Try the Bingo and daily missions! Liven up your Grand Prix and multiplayer challenges!

264 stages and 4 game modes! Aim for the perfect clear record!
Compare and compete with your Facebook and Twitter friends!

☆★☆ Enjoy various games of WeGo ☆★☆
- Re-Volt 2
- Re-Volt Classic
- Bricks Breaker : Friends
- Tile Breaker

☆★☆ Re-Volt Official Facebook Page: ☆★☆
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☆★☆ Customer Center: [email protected] ☆★☆


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jesse sheldon review jesse sheldon
Good but please reduce the amount of in game purchase ads. Can't hit one button without being asked to buy something. Also YOU HAVE TO LIKE ON FACEBOOK TO ADVANCE IN LEVELS. Wtf seriously???? Game is super expensive, there is no multiplayer at all, fuel system is super annoying. It's just a different version of revolt 2, like having two walmarts with different signs.
Nobdoy Atall review Nobdoy Atall
Hated till I found my mailbox
I got stuck reracing same race over and over to level up 3 times to get 3 gems to get in museum. Finally opened it and got a notice about prize in mailbox. Now I can play as long as I want without interruptions with all the achievements awards to keep me in coin and gem.
Louis Smith review Louis Smith
Gave up trying to play multiplayer
My friend and I spent half an hour trying to play together. Very unclear how this works or even if this is possible. Please make it clearer.. Waste of our time.
Rajiv Sukhwani review Rajiv Sukhwani
Keeps crashing having the worst experience
Used to love it as I started feeling it's same as the PC version but great disappointment as many levels just kept showing abnormal termination levels like museum keep terminating .. unable to play even multiplayer
Shannin Vogt review Shannin Vogt
revolt 2 multiplayer
is by far the best racing game. much better then revolt 3, sorta disappointing tho lol. for all the people that gave a bad review. maybe you should upgrade your device. or your network speed. theres nothing wrong with the game play.
Nayfe Pacewell review Nayfe Pacewell
I played this game when i was 10 on ps1. It was lost amungst many other lost child hood memories (cause in never knew the name of it rc revenge i think it was). reborn in revolt 2 same levels same cars same 10 year old me giggling like he use to on his lil pocket ps1 that most cirtainly did not fit in your pocket haha 10/10
Waleed Sabir review Waleed Sabir
Good game
Loved it
Sonu Gupta review Sonu Gupta
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Didzis Kalnietis review Didzis Kalnietis
It ok
I remember that I plaied this game on PC. But this versions has one minus. Full butt with ads. Like almost after each race ads pops up
Ahmed Hasan review Ahmed Hasan
Classic game
But very very slightly modified and ruined by 2016 ads and whatnot. Other than that it's the game you used to play if you're born in the early 90s
Erikas Zaranka review Erikas Zaranka
Great game! Used to have on console 20years ago. Only downfall, cant play multiplayer, no other players availible.
Jherico Valimento review Jherico Valimento
Cute and Nice !
Nothing to say but this is fun game. l wish u can add more twist.
CReePeR ZoMBie review CReePeR ZoMBie
Wow. This game is so good. I stayed 5 minutes watching the picture with the two RC cars and it doesn't do anything. But if press "Back" (on my phone, there is no button on the screen) it says "Cancel", "Exit", "More" and there's a big ad in the middle. My phone is a Huawei P9 Lite. It works perfectly fine, not like the game. If you can find a solution please let me know because I used to love playing Re-Volt on the PC.
Emmanuel Martin review Emmanuel Martin
Thanks again, the first place to find the contact us at our new site is now in a couple. This email and any files which I was just the thing to say about it and I was a very long, but it was not the same. If the answer is simple steps below and fill it 9 to get your email, you are a bit. It has to do so by turning up. It has to do 84 to get your email, you are a bit. It has to do so by turning up. It has to do it for a while 84 the best way to the UK and Ireland and the family. It is not a valid email us immediately. Please let you 84 to get the latest version, the only way 68 the same time as the first time in the UK. The 68 5 to get your email, you are looking at the top of the day. We 6 to get your free. If the We go offer in offline. Bòñìè
Rudi Di review Rudi Di
It is fine now...thank u fr new update but cost too high... Rsanya kmu kurang update tntang ads2 yg kmu beri... Dan kamu tdk mngambil peduli tntang crystal2 yg tlah kmi kumpul apa yg kmu thu bila ada yg mmbli d aplikasi kmu... Kmi download brmcm2 apliksi untk mngumpul crystal... Itu ads yg kmu beri... Klau bole jual lha untuk hilngkn ads sda lma aku akan bli krna tiada gunanya ads2 itu sbnrnya... Sdalha bnyk bnda2 yg mhal klau d banding dngn mata wang RINGGIT MALAYSIA dngn dollar bertanggung jawablha skit atas apa yg kmi bayar mnggunakan wang tunai...