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Real City Car Driver
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Chase your favorite car or motorcycle.Explore a detailed open world environment.

- Free to play car game
- Real city traffic
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Drive with traffic cars
- Offline car game
- Accurate car physics

Drive cars or ride motorcycles around the city streets.

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Genora Maxie review Genora Maxie
Its okay .I haven't even played it yet XD it looks okay tho.
A Google user review A Google user
Need more not enough if this game had coins you could collect I would love it
MasFuego Buc review MasFuego Buc
Every time you get in a car an AD pops up
A Google user review A Google user
How do you even start playing?
Protushna Guha review Protushna Guha
Worst game of thE world... Don't download
I hae his game either doesn't have a steering wheel it's so annoying
Nicole Jennings review Nicole Jennings
Thaere was an ad after every button I pressed. So boring, and I couldn't even control the car! Don't download. Its your only hope.
A Google user review A Google user
This is horrible once you try to like get in to the cars there's and add just waiting it's annoying
To many ads and the person runs really slow don't waste your time downloading this game
Carolyne Martha review Carolyne Martha
Its boring,the controls dont work and its irritating
Game Lazer review Game Lazer
Horrible bad graphic horrible controls and just bad gameplay in general
Peyton Hale review Peyton Hale
Kyle Cook review Kyle Cook
It is so bad you can barely play this game with so much adds
shabina khan review shabina khan
When I tried to shoot the police out of the pistol came out a rocket
Vikas dangri review Vikas dangri
Very bad game you cannot earn coins in this game . only you can change your car